A MONTH-long series of events are set to take place in Denbigh for a summer festival that promises to be "bigger and better" than ever.

The Midsummer Festival, in its fifteenth starting Friday, June 1, will see a range of activities that encourage people in the area and tourists from afar to get involved and try something new.

Helena Cawthray, treasurer for the Midsummer Festival Committee for seven years, said: “Every year we strive to make the festival bigger and better.

“Due to the popularity of events last year, which was held over a week, and people’s disappointment that they could could not attend more events, we have decided to extend the festival to a month.”

Over 30 events taking place during the month include a photomarathon, conservation volunteer project to build a wattle fence, a bat walk, a guided walk and a creative writing group led by a workshop specialist.

The festival, sponsored by Denbigh Town Council and Grwp Cynefin, with help from Menter Iaith, is expected to attract thousands of people to take part in events across the month, and the committee has worked to have the festival on display at tourist hotspots and information centres across the area.

Ms Cawthray said: “The festival will give everyone the opportunity to see the best of Denbigh, not only tourists but people that live in the area too.

“It is also good for businesses - we expect thousands of people to take part so hopefully they will come and access Denbigh businesses.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to encourage everyone to get involved and try something new.”

The festival is non-profit with most events free; where there is an entry fee is to contribute towards the running of the event.

The festival will conclude with the Denbigh Triathlon on June 24.

For more information contact the Midsummer Festival Committee on 07825367236 or via their Facebook page.