A BALA business received a surprise visit from a BAFTA-winning actor last week.

Michael Sheen, from Newport, who has starred in films such as Tron: Legacy, the Twilight Saga and Alice in Wonderland, visited Bala with his partner stand-up comedian, actress and writer Aisling Bea on Bank Holiday Monday, May 7.

Cowbois, a clothes design and printing company that uses ethical and eco-friendly fabric based in Bala, received a shock when Mr Sheen turned up at their workshop.

Wyn ap Gwilym, partner of Cowbois, said: “We had previously had contact with Mr Sheen three years ago following his St David’s Day speech in 2015 which we wanted to use for a T-shirt.

The section of the speech read: “There is never an excuse to not speak up for what you think is right. You must stand up for what you believe. But first of all – by God, believe in something.”

Mr ap Gwilym said: “Mr Sheen agreed and contact ended there. However we received a text on the day that said Mr Sheen would be in Bala, so we said why doesn’t he come and get his T-shirt.

Mr Sheen, who has won a host of top acting awards such as BAFTA, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award and British Independent Film Award, had decided to become more involved in political activism in 2016 and has been a voice for Welsh independence.

Mr ap Gwilym said: “We received a text on the day that said Mr Sheen would be in Bala, so we said why doesn’t he come and get his T-shirt.

“Mr Sheen turned up an hour later. I was taken aback, I couldn’t believe it.

“He stayed for an hour and a half and we spoke about a number of things. He is currently researching into politics and the history of Wales for an upcoming project.”

On his trip Mr Sheen visited Tryweryn, near Bala, where the 1965 drowning of Capel Celyn took place.

Other stars donning the Cowbois’ T-shirts include Rhys Ifans and Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield.

Mr ap Gwilym said: “During our talk we asked Mr Sheen if he would be interested in taking a photo with us, and we suggested our Catalan independence T-shirt to which he said, ‘OK let’s do it’.

“We printed the yellow T-shirts following a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, in which police took yellow T-shirts belonging to Barcelona fans demonstrating their support for independence.

“Mr Sheen was a really nice guy; everyone seems to say that.”

For more information on Cowbois visit the business’s website at www.cowbois.com or call 01678 520345.