North Wales' AM is calling for more residents to install a smart meter in their homes in an attempt to save energy.

Mark Isherwood AM is urging people in North Wales to contact their energy supplier to get a smart meter fitted in their homes at no extra cost, so they can take control of how much energy they are using.

Mr Isherwood, chair of the cross party group on fuel poverty and energy efficiency, said he would like to see more smart meters installed across his constituency after hearing about the benefits of the new technology from Smart Energy GB.

Smart Energy GB demonstrated that if everyone in Wales had a smart meter installed the typical annual energy savings from having a smart meter installed could save a single household enough energy to make 20,000 cups of instant coffee a year.

With more than 12 million smart meters already installed across Great Britain, Mr Isherwood said he is looking forward to seeing this new technology in more and more homes across north Wales.

He added: “By getting a smart meter from your energy supplier at no extra cost, you’ll be able to see in pounds and pence how much gas and electricity you’re using not just to make your coffee, but also on every appliance within your home, helping you to identify where you’re wasting energy.

“This means that you can save your energy and money for the things that you enjoy - like even more coffee.”