A North Wales council could add its voice to a campaign to ban puppy farms.

Councillors in Denbighshire will be asked to support a campaign called Lucy’s Law that seeks to ban the selling of puppies by third parties.

Prestatyn North county councillor, Rachel Flynn, has brought a motion before the council calling on the Welsh Government to bring in new regulations for the sale of dogs.

She said: “I chose to put forward the motion of Lucy’s Law as I believe in the complete ban of third party puppy sales. My own cocker Spaniel is called Lucy so the name means something to me personally.  I think all councillors should support this motion as it will help to eradicate puppy farms in Denbighshire.”

The campaign was started Lisa Garner who was horrified by the condition in which she found Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, that she re-homed.

The dog had been badly treated for most of her life before being rescued, now the campaign in her name wants to see the banning of the sale of dogs by third parties.

Instead only licensed sources would be allowed to sell dogs including breeders and animal rescue centres.

Denbighshire would join Rhondda Cynon Taff and Caerphilly councils which have already voted to support the campaign.

The RSPCA has also been fighting to have the rules changed to protect dogs.

On their website they said: “Many puppy traffickers are buying puppies ‘wholesale’ looking for the highest profit margin and are leaving a trail of sick and dead puppies behind them.

“Together, we’ve been campaigning to stop puppies, who are often too young to be taken away from their mothers, being loaded into vans like cargo and travelling hundreds of miles to be sold on to unsuspecting owners.”

A meeting of the full council will debate the motion tomorrow.