St Brigid's School

ST BRIGID'S School, Denbigh has been taking part in the English school's orienteering league.

This is run by Deeside Orienteering Club, with events throughout Cheshire and Merseyside.

St Brigid's has competed for the last five years and in 2017, the boys from Year 7 and girls from Year 8 won their age class competitions.

As part of the local school orienteering league, another minibus of excited primary students - and a couple of secondary students - went with Colonel Wood and Mr Madog to the Formby dunes, north of Liverpool.

The stormy weather had passed through, leaving just a few showers and the maze of criss-crossing tracks made it very difficult to get around.

Well done goes to the two teams, of Maisie, Anna and Gracie from Year 6, and Amy, Isla and Bryony from Year 5, who all took part, and enjoyed themselves.