A DISCUSSION about the effects of food poverty on adults and children in north Wales will take place in St Asaph on Friday (November 30).

The North Wales Food Poverty Alliance (NWFPA) will host a free conference for organisations to discuss the impacts of food poverty on across the region.

The conference aims to raise awareness and grapple with issues surrounding food poverty, share ideas and solutions, and develop a collective approach between concerned people and organisations.

The NWPFA published a statement about the event on social media that read: "The challenge of reducing the negative and harmful effects of food poverty cannot be achieved in isolation by one or two organisations, it can only be achieved through cooperative, coordination and delivering together.

"This conference represents an important step in drawing together the actions of those organisations and agencies currently engaged in providing solutions with those considering the contribution they can make to the challenge of food poverty."

The event will take place at the Optic Centre at St. Asaph Business from 10am to 4.30pm.