HOMEOWNERS will have the chance to learn how to compost up to one third of their household waste and reduce their bin collection costs at a free workshop in Denbigh.

The Welsh Government funded session organised by plastic-free campaigner Mair Davies will teach about how compost is made, what materials can be composted and what compost can be used for.

About one third of domestic waste can be composted, saving energy and resources for waste management services whilst benefitting your garden by mixing the nutrient-rich product with soil.

Attendees to the workshop, which will include a lecture by gardening tutor Jenny Pritchard, will also learn about do's and don'ts of home composting and what to do if it goes wrong.

Mrs Davies, who chairs Plastic Free Llangollen, said: "Much food waste and some household waste can be recycled at home to make nutritious compost for our gardens. It has lots of uses like growing tasty veg and filling plant pots.

"Home composting is the answer to so many of the problems that the planet faces from reducing CO2 emissions - from health and mental well-being to growing your own food, reducing plastic, improving soil quality, encouraging wildlife and natural microbiology of the soil."

Compostable materials include waste food, pet food, and lesser-known sources such as natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk, and dust from inside vacuum cleaners.

As well as having personal and environmental benefits, composting can help to reduce your bin collection costs by removing the need for garden waste collection.

Mrs Davies said: "Pretty much all compostable materials can be processed under county council waste collection services, however garden waste collections are at an extra cost for residents. If you home compost then you will save this cost.

"The county council will also sell you discounted home compost bins, but we can tell you how to make one for free using repurposed items."

The workshop will take place at the Woodland Skills Centre, Denbigh, between 10am and 2.30pm on February 9.

Spaces are limited.

For further information or to register your place contact Mrs Davies on 07969 891683 or email cerimair@gmail.com