A PRIMARY school in Ruthin sets “exemplary standards” and gives its pupils “above expected” education, the education inspectorate for Wales has said.

Rhos Street School was inspected by Estyn in November at its new site on Glasdir Estate, Ruthin where it relocated in April last year.

The school, which has 198 pupils aged three to 11, received the glowing inspection report despite the recent relocation.

In Estyn’s five inspection areas, the Ruthin school was judged “excellent” in standards; and leadership and management, and “good” in well-being and attitudes to learning; teaching and learning experiences; and care, support and guidance.

“Excellent” is awarded to areas in which schools show “very strong, sustained performance and practice”, whilst “good” is for showing “strong features, although minor aspects may require improvement”.

The report, published on January 31, said Rhos Street School is a “high achieving school” at which pupils “achieve extremely well” in literacy and mathematics across the curriculum.

The majority of pupils leave with skills above those expected of their age, it said.

Many pupils make outstanding progress in writing and nearly all develop strong reading skills, with many year six pupils regularly reading for pleasure.

Most pupils make “appropriate progress” in learning Welsh while the school has “worked purposefully” to raise the profile of Welsh culture and heritage in the curriculum.

The report said the school’s ‘digital leaders’ “provide valuable support, particularly for younger pupils using the internet” and therefore have “a clear understanding” of how to keep safe online.

It continued to say that pupils’ results are due to “consistent teaching of good quality and strong systems for care, support and guidance” which encourage pupil well-being and academic progress.

Meanwhile, teachers have high expectations of pupils’ attainment based on “firm educational values, a strong moral purpose and ambitious objectives for all pupils”.

The report said the headteacher, Bryn Jones, has “strong, inspiring and energetic” leadership and has “a passionate and clear vision for the school which he communicates well to all staff and governors”.

The report added the school has a “highly effective culture of continuous self-evaluation” and leaders “ensure appropriate staff accountability through a thorough performance management process".

Mr Jones said: “I am delighted and proud about our recent inspection.

“The pupils deserve every praise, because it is the excellent standards they display in their work, that has been the cornerstone of this wonderful report.

“The most important task entrusted to every school is to do its very best to support pupils in making progress and reaching high standards in a safe and happy environment.

“The report reflects what a fantastic job my staff at every level do here on a day to day basis. Every member of this hardworking team has succeeded in partnership with our pupils to achieve that goal.

"When you take into account the additional burden and pressure of having to move and settle into a new building, in tandem with maintaining those standards, it makes the achievement even more remarkable.”

Chris Johnson, Rhos Street School chair of governors, added: “We started with a seamless move to our new modern home and to finish with such a positive review of the school’s performance is a testament to the leadership team and the staff.

"As a governor and a parent, I am immensely proud of all that the pupils and staff have achieved and I know that Ruthin can be proud to be home to an excellent school.”