St Asaph livestock market - February 23

OLD season lambs (124):

There was a good trade for a mixed show, with a top price of £84/head from B A H Davies, Ochr y Gop.

Super Super Light ave 142.50 to £28.50/hd; Super Light ave 151.27 to 196.00 to £45.00/hd; Light ave 154.41 to 181.00 to £57.00/hd; Standard ave 172.66 to 180.00 to £63.00/hd; Medium ave 181.36 to 198.00 to £80.00/hd; Heavy ave 164.13 to 172.00 to £79.00/hd; Overweight ave 140.00 to £84.00/hd.

Old ewes and rams (2):

Ewes to £10.00/hd; Rams to £40.00/hd.

In-lamb ewes (35): Lleyn X Texel full mouth to £60/head; Welsh full mouth to £50/head.

Couples (27):

Texel X doubles to £110 and singles to £135; Suffolk doubles to £140 and singles to £142.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - February 21

RUTHIN Farmers Auction reports sales of 148 store cattle to £1,400, 25 calves and stirks to £490, seven OTM cattle to £1,129.70, 95 ewe and lamb couples (228 head) to £184, 469 in-lamb ewes to £140 and 592 store lambs to £73.50.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was a strong entry of calves once again, selling to a firm trade throughout with a good buzz around the ring.

More calves are required each week.

British Blue 3 month old to £490; Brit Blue bull six week old to £335; Brit Blue heifer 3 month old to £460; Brit Blue heifer 6 weeks old to £300; Limousin bull 8 weeks old to £310; Holstein Friesian 7 weeks old to £80; Younger caves sold to £175 for Brit Blue bulls.

Store cattle (auctioneer: Emyr Lloyd):

Strong entries keep coming in and they were met with a very brisk trade on both the steers and heifers.

Heifers were especially brisker on the week.

Strong cattle were in keen demand, selling to £1,400.

Younger multibreed cattle, which included 10 month Aberdeen Angus x cattle, to £850.00.


23m Brit Blue to £1,295.00 by R Howatson, Plas Newydd; 18m Brit Blue to £1,100.00; 21m Limousin to £1,170.00; 28m Limousin to £1,060.00; 19m Charolais to £1,100.00.


20m Limousin to £1,400.00 by T E & Ff M Edwards, Pen y Bryniau; 14m Limousin to £1,240.00; 16m Limousin to £1,225.00; 20m Charolais to £1,300.00; 22m Charolais to £1,140.00; 16m Charolais to £1,140.00; 22m Hereford x to £925.00.


6 year old Limousin cows to £1,129.70; 10 year old Limousin cows to £1,065.00.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer: Richard Lloyd):

Fewer supplies along with the time of year, but trade was no different with lambs selling very well throughout.

Texel to £73.50; Cheviot to £69.00; Cross Bred to £66.00; Suffolk to £56.00; Charolais to £49.00; Welsh to £47.00; Ram lambs average £57.86; Overall average £44.32.

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Texel £146 (singles), £184 (twins); Suffolk £102 (twins); Lleyn £132 (singles), £172 (twins); Welsh £106 (singles); Cross Bred £146 (singles), £195 (twins).

In-lamb ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

There was a good entry again, including a consignment of 220 Lleyn ewes.

Mule ewes sold to £140; Texel to £119; Lleyn to £116; Badger Face to £93.

Llanrwst market - February 26


The best hoggets were in demand, selling to 222ppk and £96.50 per head.

Hoggets (403):

S/Lights (12) to 160p, av 160p; Lights (47) to 198p, av 176p; Standards (179) to 222p, av 183p; Mediums (151) to 219p, av 189p; Heavy (14) to 190p, av 173p.

Ewes / rams (47):

Welsh to £32; Xbred to £79; Rams to £71.

Beef (13):

AA hfrs to 195p; WB to 195p; Limx to 204p; Chx hfrs to 194p; BB strs to 180p; Limx strs to 196p.

OTM cows (1):

Fri Cows to 83p.

Store lambs (34):

Xbred to £60; Welshx to £54.

Highest priced:

Hoggets (ppk): R Jones, Glyn, Capel Curig.

Hoggets (per head): I Lloyd, Tyn Twll, Nant-y-Rhiw, Llanrwst.

Ewes / rams: G Roberts, Carreg y Fran, Rhydlanfair, Betws y Coed.

Beef (ppk & per head): H Hughes a'i fab, Ddolcastell, Rowen, Conwy.

Mold primestock sale - February 25

THERE was not enough beef forward to meet demand, with the result being a flying trade right from the start through to the finish.

Cull cows continue to meet good demand.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 218.40 (1408.66); Top 20 Beef 215.50 (1360.72).

Prime cattle (84 entries - 44 hfrs, 32 strs, 8 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 225 (1421.40), Av 200.27; Medium Continental Heifers to 216, Av 204.29; Light Continental Heifers to 205, Av 197; Heavy Native Heifers to 179, Av 175.67; Medium Native Heifers to 191, Av 188.50.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 224 (1545.60), Av 215.50; Medium Continental Steers to 223 (1449.50), Av 210.57; Light Continental Steers to 202, Av 196; Heavy Native Steers to 189 (1275.75), Av 189; Medium Native Steers to 199, Av 189.75; Medium Friesian Steers to 177, Av 177.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Native Bulls to 191 (1337), Av 186; Medium Native Bulls to 194, Av 185.50; Light Native Bulls to 180, Av 173; Medium Friesian Bulls to 178, Av 178.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 212 (1367.40), Av 198.60; Medium Continental Heifers to 185, Av 175.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 192 (1344), Av 178; Medium Continental Steers to 198, Av 198; Medium Native Steers to 190, Av 190; Light Native Steer to 160, Av 160; Heavy Friesian Steers to 143 (1129.70), Av 141.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 114, Av 109.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 181, Av 174.50; Medium Continental Heifers to 195, Av 195; Medium Native Heifers to 138, Av 138.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Native Steers to 168, Av 168; Heavy Friesian Steers to 102, Av 102; Medium Friesian Steers to 100, Av 100.

Cull cows (42 entries - 17 dairy, 23 beef):

BR cows to 181 (1149.35); BB cows to 168 (1008); Limousin cows to 162 (1386); Lim cows to 159 (1216.35); Lim x cows to 154 (1174.50); SD cows to 127 (1085.85); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 145.70 (1074.45); Overall beef cow av 117; Dairy cow to 109 (757.90); Overall dairy cow av 98.40.

Cull bulls (1 entry): BR to 130 (1267.50).

Hoggets: Standard to 179, Av 179; Medium to 205, Av 191.90; Sqq 190.60.

Ewes: Ewes to 70, Av 51.80.

St Asaph livestock market - February 21

OLD season lambs (2,444):

While there was a good entry forward, it proved to be a mixed show quality-wise.

The best were in excellent demand, with the middle quality range more difficult to sell.

Top price Light 253p/kg shown by H W Hughes & Son, Foel Fawr and £81/head shown by the same vendors; Top price Standard 234p/kg shown by D Williams, Criccin and £89/head shown by M D Williams, Henllys; Top price Medium 300p/kg shown by O T & H C Williams, Hendre Blaenau and £120/head shown by J A Bevan, Manor Farm; Top price Heavy 243p/kg shown by J I Pugh, Goetre and £115/head shown by S Bryan Jones, Graig; Top price Overweight 187p/kg shown by M H Morris, Bryn Llwyd and £112/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 196.04.

Light ave 181.80 to 253.00 to £81.00/hd; Standard ave 193.79 to 234.00 to £89.00/hd; Medium ave 198.46 to 300.00 to £120.00/hd; Heavy ave 181.38 to 243.00 to £115.00/hd; Overweight ave 159.72 to 187.00 to £112.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (688):

Ewes were slightly better, with the best ewes up to £100/head, Welsh to £42/head and mules to £90/head.

Ewes to £100.00 ave £48.62; Rams to £110.00 ave £65.52.

Beef cattle (4):

There was a good trade for the cattle forward, with heifers selling to 200p/kg from E Wynne, Bronydd.

Heifers (4): Heavy ave 193.64 to 200.00 to £1064.00/hd.

Mold stock sale - February 22

THERE was a record entry for February with over 390 stores and stirks forward.

Trade was still very strong, with more new buyers making an appearance.

A few more dairy were about and there were plenty of buyers ringside.

Calves were firm compared to previous weeks, again with more buyers present.

Store cattle (306 entries): HER str (24m) to 1245; AA str (25m) to 1240; CHAR str (23m) 1220; Lim str (22m) to 1195; BB str (22m) to 1180; SD str (23m) to 1160; SIM str (23m) to 1060; SHO str (21m) to 890; Monty str (21m) to 890; BF str (25m) to 835; HF str (23m) to 800; LIM hfr (24m) 1230; BB hfr (23m) to 1140; AA hfr (23m) to 1085; BA hfr (24m) 1030; CHAR hfr (22m) to 1000; SD hfr (22m) to 980; HER hfr (23m) 960; SIM hfr (21m) to 910.

Stirks (89 entries): LIM str (9m) to 835; CHAR str (10m) to 820; BB str (11m) 795; LIM bull (9m) to 760; SIM str (11m) to 740; SHO str (12m) to 680; BF str (12m) to 570; BB hfr (13m) to 755; AA hfr (12m) to 645; LIM hfr (10m) to 590; HER hfr (4m) to 440; SAL hfr (6m) to 395.

Dairy (9 entries):

Heifers: BF X hfr to 1660; HF X hfrs to 1620, others to 1490, 1450, 1400.

Cows: HF 3rd calver to 1700; BF 4th calver to 1450, others to 1400.

Calves (29 entries): LIM bull to 310; BB bull to 295; BA bull to 235; SIM bull to 210; BF bull to 64; BS bull to 24; BB hfr to 390; SIM hfr to 270; LIM hfr to 230; AA hfr to 165.

Gaerwen auction - February 25

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 78 ewe and lamb couples and 19 old season store lambs.

Ewe and lamb couples sold to a fast trade with the top price of £200 (£66 per/life) for a Lleyn ewe with quality twin lambs.

Single couples topped at £160 (£80 per/life).

Welsh in-lamb ewes sold to £66 per head.

Highest priced double couples: £200 by Mr A Parry, Tyn Lon, Rhosmeirch; £188 by S Griffiths, 24 Y Rhos, Penrhosgarnedd; £184 by S Griffiths, 24 Y Rhos, Penrhosgarnedd.

Highest priced single couples: £160 by Messrs G W & R W Thomas, Llechwedd, Tyn Lon; £160 by Messrs G W & R W Thomas, Llechwedd, Tyn Lon; £152 by Mr E M Ellis, Nant y Bleddyn, Dulas, Amlwch.

Highest priced in-lamb ewes: £66 by E Davies, Gwelchyn, Bodorgan; £60 by E Davies, Gwelchyn, Bodorgan.

Highest priced store lambs: £40 by I N Owen, Bryn Gwylan, Waunfawr; £34 by W M Jones, Bryniog Isa, Maenan, Llanrwst.

Market prices:

Single couples: Average £115; Texel to £160; Suffolk to £160; Mule to £126; Lleyn to £120.

Double Couples: Average £164; Lleyn to £200; Suffolk to £188; Texel to £184; Mule to £160.

Machynlleth sale - February 27


Old season lambs: Light (61) ave 189.1p/kg; Standard (86) ave 199.3p/kg; Medium (16) ave 194.9p/kg; Heavy (5) ave 184.0p/kg; SQQ 195.1.

Total cull ewes (83): Ave £39.90/hd.

Bryncir auction - February 27


Cull cows: Dairy sired (4) ave 64.8p/kg; Beef sired (7) ave 117.7p/kg; All cull cows ave 98.5p/kg.


Old season lambs: Light (53) ave 160.8p/kg; Standard (53) ave 171.0p/kg; Medium (50) ave 176.6p/kg; Heavy (21) ave 158.6p/kg; SQQ 169.3.

Total cull ewes (134): Ave £58.30/hd.

Rhayader market - February 26


Old season lambs: Light (15) ave 156.0p/kg; Standard (15) ave 169.1p/kg; Medium (160) ave 192.4p/kg; Heavy (95) ave 175.3p/kg; SQQ 187.6.

Total cull ewes (33): Ave £39.10/hd.

Welshpool market - February 25


Heifers: Medium (3) ave 203.7p/kg; Heavy (6) ave 127.2p/kg; All heifers ave 152.7p/kg.

Cull cows: Beef sired (16) ave 119.3p/kg.


Old season lambs: Light (333) ave 185.6p/kg; Standard (552) ave 198.9p/kg; Medium (965) ave 200.3p/kg; Heavy (539) ave 181.2p/kg; SQQ 197.2.

Total cull ewes (1,423): Ave £50.40/hd.