FROM farm to fork, there have been new experiences in the agricultural sector for Gwynedd pupils to experience.

With the agricultural sector facing a period of uncertainty, agriculture pupils from Ysgol y Berwyn, Bala looking positively and enthusiastically at the process of taking lambs from farm to fork.

An Agrisgôp group was established with the pupils, which is a scheme by Farming Connect especially designed to assist farming families to develop new business opportunities.

Thanks to the Agrisgôp group, the pupils were encouraged to think about the different aspects of the agricultural industry and also about the importance of having the skills to market their own produce in the future.

The pupils were given an opportunity to receive specialist advice on selecting lambs for the food market from Alan Williams, Caenog Farm, Corwen, before taking the lambs to the slaughterhouse in Corwen.

They then took part in a butchery workshop with local butcher Haydn Roberts, of TG Roberts and Son, Bala, before being given the opportunity to serve the food at Plas yn Dre, Bala to representatives from the agriculture and education sectors.

Lowri Rees-Roberts, Agrisgôp leader, said that this event had given the pupils an opportunity to realise the importance of marketing their products.

“It was an unbelievable experience following the lamb, literally, from farm to fork, within only 12 miles," she said.

"It is important today that our young people develop the skills to sell their own produce and are given the chance to follow the process from farm to fork.

"Each one of the young people was thrilled to see this chain in action, and it was great to watch them serving the food on Friday afternoon.”

Enion Williams, of Caenog Farm, Corwen, is one of the agriculture pupils.

He said: “The possibilities are endless and there are all sorts of opportunities within the agriculture sector.

"Our intention with this project was to show the importance of marketing our own produce in a fun way that was also educational.

“It’s important that we are given the chance at an early age to see the opportunities that exist for us within agriculture, and thanks to Agrisgôp we were given this chance.”

Another speaker at the event was farmer Gareth Wyn Jones, who said: “It was excellent to see a group of young people working to secure the future of Welsh lamb.

"The group sold the story and looked at the possibility of getting more for our produce. Very well done!”

John Thomas, agriculture teacher at Ysgol y Berwyn, has a number of pupils who come from an agricultural background or who have a connection with agriculture.

He praised the event for encouraging them to think about their future and for showing them the importance of going out to market their own produce.

“The project has inspired them to start thinking about the future and about the importance of their carbon footprint. It has been an excellent opportunity for them,” he said.

“Our hope is that such an event creates an awareness of those opportunities and increases pupil confidence and allows them to think about what is available for them.”