NORTH Wales Police have lent their support to a national campaign which aims to raise awareness of stalking.

National Stalking Awareness Week, by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, focuses on the impact stalking has on victims’ mental and emotional health as well as their physical safety.

Awareness will also be raised over the seriousness of stalking using the hashtag #StalkingStealsLives

Detective Chief Inspector Jonathan Salisbury-Jones, of North Wales Police, said: "We recognise and understand that stalking and harassment can have a significant effect on victims and their families.

“Becoming a victim of stalking can happen to anyone, at any time. It can be an isolating experience so if you are being stalked or harassed please take that brave step and come forward.

“Working with our partners we will robustly investigate every report of stalking that we receive and are committed to working with our partner agencies across the region, using all of the tools at our disposal, to protect victims from stalkers.”

The campaign runs from April 8 until 12.

Police recently launched a new strategy aimed at protecting the most vulnerable in the community.

Operation Aegis focuses on four key strands to prevent incidents, crime and abuse and includes Enforcement - pursuing the perpetrators, Safeguarding – safety comes first and Education and Diversion, offering the alternative to abuse.

DCI Salisbury-Jones added: “Operation Aegis is a simple and effective way of getting our messages out, both inside the police and to our own communities.

“Some of the work we undertake is about having clarity of purpose and how to achieve it; how we can create and raise public confidence in our work and demonstrate that we will always deal professionally with sensitive issues and serious offences.

“Meanwhile the message to perpetrators is clear; we will pursue you until you stop offending. If you want help in making that change, then we can point you in the right direction. If you choose not to change then we will pursue you through the courts to prevent you committing further offences.”

The force will be informing members of the public about stalking behaviours and also encouraging reporting.

The campaign can be followed on social media via #NSAW19 and #StalkingStealsLives