AN EIGHT-year-old girl who has undergone life changing operation is re-adjusting to life at home after returning from America.

Freya Bailey, of Ruthin, is looking forward to going back to school after the Easter holidays following selective dorsal rhizotomy on her spine at St Louis Children's Hospital, in Missouri, to help her walk independently for the first time.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Freya's confidence is improving. Pictures: Beth Woolford/Facebook

The Ysgol Borthyn pupil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at three years old. Last month, she travelled to America with mum Beth Woolford and aunty Grace Woolford after four years of fundraising to raise £65,000.

Beth said there is still a long road ahead, but Freya is already making progress and there are "significant differences" when it comes to her standing, posture, sitting and walking pattern.

Beth said: "Freya is so happy and far more settled being at home. She wanted to go to school when we returned from the US but she just wasn’t ready at that point. I took her to visit her classmates on Thursday and she had the most wonderful welcome from all of them.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Another day of strength determination from Freya

"At the moment she is still a bit wobbly on her feet but is making great progress.

"The surgeries she's had are not a quick fix so it will take time. She is doing so well though considering everything and adjusting to her body feeling so different to before. She is managing to use canes now as opposed to the walking frame she used before surgery and is getting on brilliantly with them.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Freya has undergone intense therapy

"The goal is to wean her off the walker completely by using canes and eventually to get her independently walking."

Freya has the operation, consisting of two surgeries, under Dr Park. While in America, she also underwent intense physiotherapy.

After the surgeries, Beth described Freya as her little heroine and said all she had gone through had been done with "strength, courage and dignity."

She was casted for new leg splints and opted for an American flag design to remind her of her trip.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Freya in her outpatient therapy

Beth added: "Freya said she would love to go back to the States one day. We would love to see Dr Park again to show him Freya’s progress.

"As far as surgery is concerned, it’s done,there should be no more surgery needed. The focus now is just on therapy and her recovery. Therapy will be ongoing to get her stronger and to get the best out of the surgery.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Freya on bed rest meets Daffodil, the service dog

"It has been such hard work to get her to where she is but it was totally worth it. We can move forward as a family now and focus on getting her stronger so she can live the best life possible.

"She has dealt with more in her eight years than most adults and she has done it with courage, determination and a smile on her face. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

"We are also beyond grateful as a family for all of the lovely messages of love and support we have received while in the US and for all of the help we have been given to get her to this point, we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful community.

"Thank you will never be enough."