DRAT, drat and double drat! Dick Dastardly has won his first race in 50 years - but this time it was all in a good cause!

The moustache twirling bumbling villain, made famous in the Hanna-Barbera 1960/70s cartoon Wacky Races, is well known for sneaky scheming, with his snickering sidekick Muttley.

He would often resort to despicable deeds aboard his crazy car the Mean Machine, aiming to beat opponents in the Wacky Races. Usually his schemes would backfire - but not this time!

Dick, otherwise known as Tony Adams, from Henllan, near Denbigh, helped by Muttley, Daniel Rostron, Captain Caveman, Liam Clement and Peter Perfect, all from Manchester, joined forces.

Aboard the purple, bubble-blowing, mountain drilling Mean Machine - a converted 2002 Mercedes CLK - the gang managed to raise £1,500 for the Barnardo's charity by taking part in the Benidorm or Bust rally.

Tony, who is an accountant by day, transformed the car by adding features such as rear rocket boosters, a dorsal fin, and on the design advice of his nine-year-old daughter Lucy included a spinning drill (to get them through the Pyrenees mountains quicker!) and bubbles coming out from the rear of the vehicle.

Team Wacky Races set off from Denbigh, on May 14, for their week long, 3557 mile adventure from Dover to Benidorm.

In fancy dress the group crossed the Channel by Eurotunnel before stopping in Toulouse. They also made an unofficial diversion to visit Paris to have their photographs taken by the Eiffel Tower and drove round the Arc De Triomphe blowing bubbles.

They also passed over the Pyrenees, where the temperature went from 22 degrees at the bottom, to one degree at the top before driving through Andorra, and pushing on to Benidorm, in Spain.

Despite resorting to using water pistols against their fellow competitors en route, the dastardly crew won the race fair and square, picking up their trophy and a £1250 prize.

Tony said: "It was fantastic! At last Dick Dastardly finally won the race after 50 years! Well done Dick!

"A highlight was in Paris, the French loved us, and we were swamped by photographers. We went round the Arc de Triomphe blowing bubbles it was hilarious!"

The Mean Machine will be put up for sale shortly. Contact Tony 07786 932234.