PRISON is intended to rehabilitate offenders who are sent there, however it is most beneficial that no crime is committed in the first place.

Pupils from Rhos Street School in Ruthin were sent to court to learn about the criminal justice system and the consequences of crime. A mock trial was held at the former Denbigh Magistrates Court, where the pupils acted in character on the judiciary and in the dock in a range of case scenarios.

The former court is now the Denbigh Museum, managed by Cllr Gwyneth Kensler, and the workshop is run by Pat Astbury, member of the North Wales Police and Crime panel.

The educational visit was also attended by police officers and Gavin Harris, mayor of Ruthin.

Cllr Harris said: “The mock trial raised issues of diversity, hate crime and the consequences of crime. There was excellent reading and acting from the children in all the roles.

“The event opened the children’s eyes to the impacts and consequences of crime and justice.”