FLATS were evacuated after smoke began to billow from the kebab shop beneath them on Sunday night.

Business owners on Well Street, near Rhyl Beach rushed to help staff at Jolly's Grill & Pizza when it became clear that the fire was getting out of control.

Lee Sadler, volunteer at Spectrum Gaming, four doors away from the takeaway, said he and his customers ran outside after seeing smoke “billowing past our shop window” just before 9pm.

“The fire extinguishers in the building could not be reached,” he said. “I ran back to the store and grabbed our extinguisher. Other businesses brought their own to help put it out."

The fire service was called and residents above the takeaway, as well as staff and customers from the neighbouring Valentine’s Pub and Corfu Kebab, were told to leave the properties.

“The smoke was too overpowering for anyone to enter,” Mr Sadler added.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service sent two crews from Rhyl which arrived at the blaze at 9.04pm. They tackled it with breathing apparatus, a hose reel and dry powder extinguisher.

Mr Sadler said the crews “smashed through” the shop window to get inside and put out the blaze.

A spokesperson for the fire service said the fire was accidental, caused by an electrical fault in the fish and chip fryer.

"The fire caused 50 per cent damage to the shop, and 50 per cent damage was caused by smoke,” they said.

"The flats were not damaged and nobody was hurt during the incident."

The fire service crews left the scene at 11pm.