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A PET blessing took place at St Collen’s Church.

This was on Saturday, October 5.

At the service, in Llangollen, St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, was celebrated. Animals in attendance included a cat, a number of dogs and a guinea pig.

A spokesperson from the Diocese of St Asaph said: “There was about 40 people there. The pets were all really well behaved and contributed to the singing with the odd ‘bark’.

“We had the hymn All Things Bright And Beautiful, which you might expect, and Father Lee blessed the animals with holy water. Just a sprinkle.

“There was a prayer and dog treats, and what was really lovely is that Father Lee asked for stories from those who attended about their pets.”

There was also a Pet Service at St Peter’s Church in Ruthin. In attendance were sheep, ponies, rabbits, hens, as well as cats, dogs and guinea pigs.

St Collen’s is currently recruiting more choir members.

Parishioners will have an opportunity to develop confidence, learn new skills, relieve stress and make new friends.

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