I AM told that we are now in the season of goodwill to all men – and as a ‘modern man’, may I extend that to all women, children and livestock too!

Writing this article in early November, and therefore on the cusp of a period of electioneering ahead, I can only hope the season’s sentiments will endear to all the prospective candidates up and down the country as they endeavour to gain the general public’s votes, but more importantly restore some dignity and respect back into British politics, which seems to have been absent during the last few months.

Once again, NFU Cymru officeholders and members will be mobilised to meet with as many prospective parliamentary candidates as possible and given what seems to be by now a bi-annual event, we should all be qualified for the job!

As a staunch advocate of the importance for all to cast their vote, borne from the respect held to my grandfather who fought for that right in the Second World War, I can sympathise with anyone who agonises over the direction of their vote in this particular election, as it looks to be one of the most divisive campaigns in living memory.

A direct and unfortunate consequence of the current political polarisation is that before any vote has been cast in this election, we will have lost many seasoned and moderate MPs who, for various reasons, have decided not to stand for re-election.

My own constituency of Aberconwy will be one to return a new MP regardless of party colour, as the current incumbent Guto Bebb will be stepping down. I must take this opportunity to thank Guto for his services as my local Member of Parliament and having been a frequent visitor here to Cae Haidd over the last couple of years, his informative advises and wisdom has been invaluable - a trait often lacking in many of his fellow parliamentarians.

As 2019 draws to a close, so does my extended tenure as county chairman.

As a county, we all felt the heavy loss of Dafydd Jones, who was our newly elected chair at the beginning of this year, and my role has since served only to hold the mantle in preparation for a newly elected officeholder team for Clwyd.

I am delighted that Dewi Jones will be taking his position as county chair this month.

My thanks go to Dewi and our county advisor Joe Mault and all the Clwyd team who have been invaluable in their support this year, and I wish them every success during the next couple of years – Diolch yn fawr.

Finally, 2019 has been a challenging year for far too many reasons, but it is a time of year when we should all take some time to reflect upon our achievements.

We are an industry full of passion, pride and determination, and these traits will overcome and outlast any challenges thrown at us, as we continue to feed our nation.

"Tra bo dynoliaeth fe fydd amaethu."


NFU Cymru Clwyd county chairman