Llyn Brenig

ALTHOUGH the cold weather has started and many of us are packing away our gear for the winter, the pike anglers have started to come out for some sport.

The opening day of Llyn Brenig's pike month saw 10 boats leave the jetty and six out of the seven new pegs had anglers on them.

It was a fast start for many of the bank anglers, catching a good number of pike straight away in the morning with the boats catching slightly more consistently throughout the day.

The usual spots produced well, with the sailing club bay and the shallow areas down towards Barrow Island being the hotspots.

It seemed that many of the anglers fishing thought the pike were fairly high up in the water and definitely being found in the shallows around the lake sides.

As for baits, the humble mackerel tail or herring was top of the list for bank catches and as for the boats, the larger size of lures did the damage with the biggest fish of the weekend coming to lures.

As for colours, it seemed to be bright green or orange colours producing the follows with a number of smaller jacks being caught on fire tiger patterns.

The rubber lures definitely seem to catch the eye of the bigger fish with smaller crankbaits offering plenty of action however the larger resident trout were also quite interested in them!

The bank angling at Llyn Brenig will carry on through until mid-February with the pegs needing to be pre-booked before your arrival, so do not hesitate to phone and check for availability in the fishing shop.

There will be a boat pike charity match on December 7 (15 boats) to raise money for CMV Action Charity, organised by Jack Finney and Joe Crowther. This is something very close to some of the staff at Llyn Brenig and it is hoped it will raise some good money for the cause.

There will be a raffle and prizes for first, second and third.