A fundraising calendar showcasing the role of North Wales Police's canine crimefighters from the force's dog section is now on sale.

Each month features one of the dogs in action, shining the spotlight on the huge variety of work they do, from supporting armed operations and chasing after criminals to searching for missing persons in North Wales.

Proceeds from the 2020 calendar will go towards Paws Off Duty - the North Wales Police Retired Dogs charity which was established in 2015.

The fund, established by PC Jackie Edwards from the Dog Section, was created to assist with the day to day costs of looking after the animals as they clock ‘off duty’ to retire. This includes the cost of veterinary expenses.

Under police regulations, dogs used for general purpose or drugs work are paid for by the force until they retire, often between the ages of eight and ten-years-old. But once they leave the force, all funding from the force ceases, and all costs then sit with the dog’s handler, or if the dog has been re-homed, the new owner.

Sergeant Howard Watts, from the Dog Section, said: “The calendar is always hugely popular and is a great way of boosting our funds due to its popular demand.

“Paws Off Duty is all about supporting the K9s who have dedicated their lives looking after the communities of North Wales and it’s only right that they have the best possible life after retirement.”

When not striking attractive poses the Force Dog Section, which has 15 dogs, help with tracking for offenders, search open areas and buildings and help with the search for missing persons. Specialist search dogs within the unit are also trained to detect firearms, ammunition, cash and drugs.

The calendar, which are priced at £5.99, can be purchased at Farm and Pet Place stores and via their website https://www.farmandpetplace.co.uk/products/pet/dog/paws-off-duty/paws-off-duty-calendar-2019-donation.html

You can also follow the work of the police dogs via their Facebook page @CheshireandNorthWalesPoliceDogs or via Twitter by following @ChNWPoliceDogs