A DEE Valley athlete has taken part in an epic challenge.

The Leicestershire Round came about to celebrate a century of the Leicestershire Footpath Association.

The series includes three events, each in excess of 50km, which are held over the winter months.

This series was special for Simon Moralee, a member of the Llangollen-based Run Free Fell Runners.

Simon has been living in North Wales since 2016 and he had lived in Leicester for 14 years before this, so having the opportunity to develop his journey of ultra running in a town he once called home was a venture worth taking.

Series three took place recently, with competitors travelling from Cossington to Hinckley.

The Leicestershire Round offered mixed terrain, an abundance of ploughed fields and inclines, rather than the more mountainous fells of North Wales that Simon has become more accustomed to.

But, the series is still no meagre jaunt, with a grand total of 105 miles and 8,845 feet of elevation.

Simon's total time for the series was 21 hours and 59 minutes, with an overall gender position of 10th.

He was 28th overall in the final race of the series in a time of seven hours and 29 minutes.

The first round took place in September, starting from Burbage Common and finishing 53km later in Glooston Village Hall.

Meanwhile, the second stage in November took competitors on a 56km journey from Glooston Village Hall to finish at Cossington Village Parish car park.