Ruthin primestock sale - March 10

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,794 prime hoggets to 305ppk / £147; 154 cull ewes and rams to £140; one steer to £1,113.25; three heifers to £1,460.63 and seven OTMs to £842.48.

Old season lambs:

Dilwyn Pierce, Bryn Deunydd hit top price per kilo at the sale, with 40kg lambs to 305ppk!

A total of 1,774 hoggs forward to average 243ppk with over 1,500 hoggs falling into the SQQ and returning an average of 245ppk.

A top price per head of £147 went to regular vendor T C Lloyd, Criccor, with plenty of heavy hoggs in the £120s+.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light hoggets to 283.6ppk by J D Pierce, Bryn Deunydd and £87 from D W Ellis, Cernioge Bach.

Standard hoggets to 302.8ppk by A Jones, Segrwyd Goch and £116 from the same vendor.

Medium hoggets to 305.0ppk by J D Pierce, Bryn Deunydd and £126 by R Johnson, Parkwood Farm.

Heavy hoggets to 280.0ppk by M H Owens, Glantre and £133 by the same vendor.

Light to 283.6, Average 219.3; Standard to 302.8, Average 240.4; Medium to 305.0, Average 251.6; Heavy to 280.0, Average 241.7; Overall average 243ppk; SQQ 245ppk.

Cull ewes:

There was a smaller entry forward on the day with a flying trade.

The top price went to Esmor Evans at £140 for Texel ewes.

Ewes are required on Fridays.

154 Cull Ewes up to £140, overall average £69.19.

Texel ewes to £140; Texel rams to £113; Beltex rams to £108; Mule ewes to £89; Lleyn ewes to £86; Welsh ewes to £67.

Prime heifers:

Heifers to 240ppk.

Top price 242.5ppk by HJ & FJ Williams, Maes Gadfa.

Prime steers:

Steers to 182.5ppk by I A Jones, Ty Mawr


OTMS to 119.5ppk by E & A Davies, Clegir Isa.

St Asaph livestock market - March 5

NEW season lambs (7):

The first lambs of the season from O Williams, Plas Coch sold to 324p/kg.

Standard ave 316.08p/kg to 324.00p/kg to £120.00/hd; Medium ave 280.00p/kg to 282.00p/kg to £127.00/hd; Heavy ave 262.00p/kg to £131.00/hd.

Old season lambs (1,414):

A seasonally small entry met with an excellent trade, with the larger hoggs extremely dear.

Demand was consistent throughout with quality especially sought after.

Top price Light - 250p/kg shown by R W Jones, Cae Isaf and £75/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 300p/kg shown by B Spencer, Dyffryn Aur and £109/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium 289p/kg shown by E Jones, Gosen and £127/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Heavy 290p/kg shown by H Roberts, Parc and £142/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight 257p/kg shown by T P Williams & Co, Pen Isa and £145/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 241.04.

Super Light ave 204.23p/kg to 208.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Light ave 223.85p/kg to 250.00p/kg to £75.00/hd; Standard ave 235.08p/kg to 300.00p/kg to £109.00/hd; Medium ave 248.08p/kg to 289.00p/kg to £127.00/hd; Heavy ave 242.58p/kg to 290.00p/kg to £142.00/hd; Overweight ave 226.77p/kg to 257.00 p/kg to £145.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (662):

Ewes to £163.00, ave £80.80; Rams to £129.00, ave £89.05.

Fodder beet:

A total of 12 tonnes of fodder beet sold to £28/tonne.

Bryncir fatstock sale - February 26

THERE was an entry of 480 hoggets and cull ewes, and 12 cull cows.

An exceptional trade on cull ewes topped at £159.

Cull cows were still on the up with hoggets maintaining recent prices.


Hoggets: Light to 240.0p - A Hughes, Cae Iago; Standard to 232.0p; Medium to 225p; Heavy to 225p.

Cull ewes:

Tex Ewes to £159 - G Williams, Mon Arfon, Rhosgadfan; Suff ewes to £145 - A Owen, Maes Gwyn; Suff/Mule ewes to £140 - H&B Parry, Glanllynau; Xbred ewes to £134 - JO&MJ Griffith Ty'n Rhos; Welsh Ewes to £74; Cull Rams to £134.

Cull cows:

Clean Cattle to 190p - G G Williams, Bron Fedw Isaf; Lim Cows to 158p - E W Owen, Llecheiddior; Sim to 140p; BB to 149p; Dairy to 119p - D M Roberts, Hendy.

Mold primestock sale - March 9

BEEF cattle and cull cows met an incredible trade, with demand for all types.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 227.60p (1502.70); Top 20 Beef 224.25p (1455.90); Top 30 Beef 221.17p (1428.70).

Prime Cattle (127 entries - 52 hfrs, 66 strs, 9 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 214 (1530), Av 207.27; Medium Continental Heifers to 222, Av 198.27; Medium Native Heifers to 187, Av 170.67; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 140, Av 140.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 216 (1534.70), Av 200.31; Medium Continental Steers to 235, Av 215.13; Heavy Native Steers to 170 (1309), Av 165; Medium Native Steers to 197, Av 187.50; Heavy Friesian Steers to 172 (1344.75), Av 162; Medium Friesian Steers to 165, Av 159.20.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls to 225 (1552.50), Av 223.75; Medium Native Bulls to 180, Av 178.50; Medium Friesian Bulls to 150, Av 150; Light Friesian Bulls to 130, Av 130.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 201, Av 194; Medium Continental Heifers to 205, Av 190.40; Light Continental Heifers to 171, Av 166.20; Heavy Native Heifers to 171, Av 171; Medium Friesian Heifers to 150, Av 150.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 188, Av 188; Medium Continental Steers to 189, Av 189; Medium Native Steers to 168, Av 164; Heavy Friesian Steers to 160 (1232), Av 148.67.

Heifers (over 36m): Medium Continental Heifers to 162, Av 155.50; Light Continental Heifers to 120, Av 120; Medium Native Heifers to 132, Av 132; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 150 (982.50), Av 150.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Friesian Steers to 140, Av 140.

Cull cows (70 entries - 44 dairy, 25 beef): Young AA Cow to 171 (1077.30); Young Char cow to 171; Young Lim cow to 171; Aged Lim cow (7 yr old) to 170 (1241); Aged lim cow (5 yr old) to 161 (1038.45); Aged lim cow (6 yr old) to 160 (1352); Aged lim cow (5 yr old) to 160 (1080); Aged Char cow (6 yr old) to 145 (1116.50); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 167.50 (1075.49); Top 10 beef cows exc young cows Av 151.50; Overall beef cow av 134.32; Young HF cows to 154 (939.40), 150 (840); Aged HF cow (8 yr old) to 134 (1005); BF cow (38m) to 130 (884); BF cow (4 yr old) to 127 (844.55); BF Cow (7 yr old) to 125 (1062.50); Dan cow (5 yr old) to 125; HF cow (9 yr old) to 124 (1035.40); HF cow (8 yr old) to 122 (1000.40); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 132.30p (964.77); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 124.70 (889.09); Overall dairy cow av 110.48.

Cull bulls (1 entry):

BA to 104.

Lambs: Standard to 269, Av 253.78; Medium to 265, Av 250.48; Heavy to 251, Av 221.50; Sqq 252.28.

Ewes: Ewes to 100, Av 68.18.

Dolgellau market - March 6

FARMERS Marts reports entries of one grazing cow, 242 store cattle, two calved heifers and 12 in-calf cows, together with 464 cast ewes, rams, in-lamb ewes and hoggets.

Prices: Charolais Cows to £1,000; 24m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £1162; 22m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £1055; 24m Limousin x Heifers to £1085; 24m British Blue x Heifers to £992; 22m B’DAQ x Heifers to £992; 22m Luing Heifers to £1005; 22m Limousin x Heifers to £1158; 20m Luing Heifers to £1060; 22m Saler x Heifers to £1082; 22m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £925; 20m Saler x Heifers to £950; 20m Charolais x Heifers to £1035; 18m Limousin x Heifers to £1078; 18m Charolais x Heifers to £1018; 16m Charolais Heifers to £1020; 16m Charolais x Heifers to £1090; 14m Charolais x Heifers to £1070; 12m Charolais x Heifers to £900; 10m Charolais x Heifers to £700; 24m Organic Charolais x Steers to £1310; 22m Organic Charolais x Steers to £1255; 24m Limousin x Steers to £1130; 24m Welsh Black Steers to £1182; 22m Stabiliser x Steers to £970; 22m Welsh Black Steers to £1140; 20m Welsh Black Steers to £1075; 20m Limousin x Steers to £1188; 20m Organic Pure Limousin Steers to £1080; 18m Organic Pure Limousin Steers to £1185; 18m Simmental x Steers to £1020; 18m Charolais x Steers to £1185; 18m Pedigree Welsh Black Steers to £1140; 18m Saler x Steers to £980; 16m Charolais x Steers to £1158; 16m Limousin x Steers to £1105; 14m Limousin x Steers to £1095; 14m Charolais x Steers to £1122; 14m Aberdeen Angus x Steers to £890; 12m Aberdeen Angus x Steers to £750; 12m Charolais x Steers to £1010; 10m Charolais x Steers to £790; Limousin In Calf Cows to £1280; Simmental In Calf Cows to £1080; Hereford In Calf Cows to £1060; Charolais x In Calf Cows to £1130; Hereford x Friesian Heifers with Lim Calf to £1620; Limousin x Friesian Heifers with Lim Calf to £1620; Welsh Cast Ewes to £60; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £75; Cheviot x Cast Ewes to £90; Welsh Rams to £85; Speckled Face Rams to £65; Welsh In Lamb Ewes to £60; Welsh Hoggets to £72; Welsh Ewe Hoggets to £67; Crossbred Ewe Hoggets to £80.

Ruthin primestock sale - March 6

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 609 hoggets to £124 / 268.7ppk and 369 ewes to £148.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer: Rich Lloyd):

There was a mixed show of 609 hoggets to an overall SQQ of 235.4ppk.

Top priced:

55kg to £124 by Nantclwyd Farms; 54kg to £124 by Nantclwyd Farms; 60kg to £122 by Nantclwyd Farms.

Top priced per kilo:

33.5kg at 268.7ppk by H L & M J Davies a’u mab, Bryn Cnap; 41kg at 265.9ppk by JM & G M Graham Farming, Groesfaen; 42.5kg at 263.5ppk by JM & G M Graham Farming, Groesfaen.

Another brisk trade with competitive bidding on all types and weight categories.

More lambs are required weekly to meet demand.

Cull ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

A total of 369 ewes were forward, with top price of £148 going to T H Roberts, Bachymbyd, followed closely by G Roberts, Pengwern Bach with a pen of crossbreds at £144.

Charolais ewe to £148; Crossbred ewes to £144; Beltex ewes to £129; Lleyn ewes to £124; Lleyn rams to £136; Welsh ewes to £70; Suffolk ewes to £114; Texel ewes to £126; Mule ewes to £104; Texel Rams to £134; Welsh rams to £81; An overall average of £73.53.

St Asaph livestock market - March 7

OLD season lambs (196):

Another good trade on store lambs with a top price of £103/head from P E Beech, Pentre Ucha and 284p/kg from H B Jones, Cae Cogau.

Super Super Light ave 129.73p/kg to £24.00/hd; Super Light ave 141.06p/kg to 192.00p/kg to £46.00/hd; Light ave 212.43p/kg to 284.00p/kg to £78.00/hd; Standard ave 206.44p/kg to 220.00p/kg to £79.00/hd; Medium ave 217.15p/kg to 240.00p/kg to £97.00/hd; Heavy ave 212.77p/kg to 213.00p/kg to £100.00/hd; Overweight ave 180.70p/kg to £103.00/hd.

Old ewes and rams (43):

Ewes to £75.00, ave £46.68; Rams to £50.00.

In-lamb ewes (3):

Texel X Ewes to £90/head.

Produce sold:

10 bales of wheat straw sold to £18/bale.

Bryncir fatstock sale - March 4

AN entry was seen of 180 hoggets, 284 cull ewes and 30 cull cows.

An exceptional trade once again on cull ewes and cull cows, with hoggets also in very keen demand.

Lambs: Overall average £2.10p.

Hoggets: Light to 230.0p; Standard to 245.0p - D J Roberts, Uwchglan; Medium to 238p; Heavy to 225p.

Cull ewes:

Overall average: £88.80; Tex Ewes to £156 - D T Jones, Bryn Rhydd, Edern; Suff ewes to £136 - AC & DT Hughes, Brychyni; Xbred ewes to £138 - JO&MJ Griffith Ty'n Rhos; Welsh Ewes to £83 - AV & GL Williams, Hendre Nantcyll; Cull Rams to £124 - Anne Franz, Trefaes.

Cull cows:

Lim Cows to 157p (£1287.40)- R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan; Char to 153p (£1086.30) - R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan; Sal to 147p - AV Roberts, Derwin Fawr; Dairy to 110p - O H Parry & Sons, Trefan; Beef Cull Cows average 128.8p/kg; Dairy Cull Cows average 90.2p/kg.

Mold stock sale - March 6

CATTLE trade was very strong again, with demand for all ages and types!

Dairy met solid demand with more cows forward during the week.

A smaller calf show was in attendance and trade improved slightly on the previous week.

Store Cattle (278 entries): AA str (27m) to 1225; LIM str (22m) to 1140; BB str (24m) to 1110; CHAR str (23m) to 1100; HER str (24m) to 995; Sim Str (23m) to 920; BS str (19m) to 890; FLECV str (23m) to 870; BF str (22m) to 845; HF str (23m) to 830; LIM hfrs (24m) to 1015; BB hfrs (23m) to 985; AA hfrs (22m) to 940; CHAR hfrs (18m) to 930; HER hfrs (24m) to 870; SIM hfrs (20m) to 835.

Stirks (99 entries): BA bulls (9m) to 910; Lim bulls (9m) to 880; AA strs (11m) to 885; LIM strs (11m) to 785; CHAR strs (6m) to 680; SIM strs (8m) to 570; HF strs (11m) to 445; LIM hfr (11m) to 620; BB hfr (10m) to 580; AA hfr (5m) to 330; HER hfr (7m) to 320.

Dairy (21 entries):

Heifers: BF cvd hfr to 1500, others to 1460, etc.

Cows: HF cows (2nd) to 1520, others to 1300, 1200; HF cow (3rd) to 1150, others to 1120; Friesian hfr calves to £160.

Calves (59 entries):

Bulls: BB bull to 200; Lim bull to 155; BF bull to 138; HOL bull to 58; HF to 49.

Heifers: BB hfr to 280; LIM hfr to 170; Her hfr to 125; AA hfr to 95.

Bryncir fatstock sale - March 11

ENTRIES forward included 386 hoggets and cull ewes and 10 Cull cows.

Cull ewes reached new levels again, peaking at £163 for Texel ewes from

B L & A M & O P Jones, Rhandir.

The cull cows trade was on fire to return an overall average of 1.42p and £1092.

Cows sold to 1.53p twice for a Lim from B L & A M & O P Jones, Rhandir. Overall cows reached 1262.25 from the same home.


Hoggets: Light to 217.2p; Standard to 230.0p; Medium to 258.1p - B Griffith & A Evans Tyddyn Perthi Y Ffor; Heavy to 250p - R B Williams, Glasfryn Bach.

Cull ewes: Overall average £90.80.

Tex Ewes to £163 - B L & AM & OP Jones, Rhandir.

Char Ewes to £140 - I H Hughes, Bryn Eithinog.

Suff Ewes to £138 - A Roberts, Muriau Bach.

Xbred Ewes to £137 - R B Williams, Glasfryn Bach.

Mules ewes to £129 - M Griffiths & Co, Berthlwyd.

Welsh Ewes to £77 - WG Roberts, Cwrt Aberdaron.

Cull Rams to £144.

Cull cows (10): Overall average 1.42p.

Lim Cows to 153p(£1262.25); Sim Cows to 143p (£1186.90); BBX Cows to 133p (£911.05); Bulls Stab to 133p (1542.80); Bulls Char to 131p (£1532.70).

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - March 5

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 174 cattle to £1275; 72 Calves to £380; 12 OTM Cattle to £1350; 440 Store Lambs to £106; 357 Breeding Ewes to £148; 149 Couples to £250; 21 Cade Lambs to £21 and 11 Stirks to £760.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer: Rich Lloyd):

A reduced entry of 440 store lambs were forward to an average of £63.17.

Top priced:

£106 for a pen of Suffolk ram lambs by P Wakeling, Old Smithy.

£104 for a pen of Texel ram lambs by B Williams, Bodrochwyn Fawr.

£88 for a pen of Texel ewe lambs by Bellis & Co, Ty Hir.

£76 for a pen of Crossbred lambs by Geraint Pearce, Ley Farm.

£74.50 for a pen of Welsh lambs by B M Williams, Tan y Castell.

£80 for a pen of Tal y Bont lambs by Parry, Ty Ucha Llyn.

£85 for a pen of Mules by Morris, Bedren.

Plenty of continued demand and brisk bidding.

More lambs are required weekly.

Couples (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

An entry of 352 ewe and lamb couples forward with a very brisk trade throughout.

The top priced double went to Connor Helme Jones at £250 and top priced single went to H Roberts, Cae Du at £162.

Texel singles to £160, Doubles to £202; Lleyn singles to £125, Doubles to £195; Crossbred singles to £122, Doubles to £220; Mule singles to £152, Doubles to £250; Welsh singles to £122, Doubles to £140; Charollais X singles to £162, Doubles to £222.

In lamb ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

A total of 352 in lamb ewes were forward on the day.

Full mouth Cheviot ewes (not scanned) to £120.

Full mouth Welsh ewes to £78.

Tal y Bont Welsh ewes 2&3 years old to £138.

Texel ewe lambs to £148.

Cade lambs to £21.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Glyn Owens and Emyr Lloyd):

There was a good show of cattle with brisk trading throughout.

More cattle are required weekly to satisfy demand.


Top price £1220 from E A Davies & Co, Dolwerfyl; 25 month Limousin achieved £1220; 17 month Limousin achieved £1102; 14 month Charolais achieved £1030; 28 month British Blue achieved £1020; 22 month Blonde Aquitaine achieved £930; 16 month Charolais achieved £915; 17 month Simmental achieved £880; Overall average of Heifers £854.11.


Top price £1275 from E A Davies & Co, Dolwerfyl; 25 month Limousin achieved £1275; 20 month Limousin achieved £1230; 17 month Charolais achieved £1200; 21 month Limousin achieved £1170; 15 month Charolais achieved £1125; 24 month Britsh Blue achieved £1095; 16 month Limouisin achieved £1070; Overall average of Steers £937.73

OTM cattle:

A 100 month Limousin cow weighing 740kg achieved 168ppk.

A 40 month Limousin cow weighing 605g achieved 164ppk.

A 151 month Limousin cow weighing 725kg achieved 154ppk.

A 105 month Limoisin cow weighing 900kg achieved 156ppk.

A 58 month Limousin cow weighing 480kg achieved 146ppk.

A 50 month British Blue cow weighing 610kg achieved 137ppk.

A 42 month Saler cross cow weighing 410kg achieved 136ppk; Overall average 144ppk.

Calves (auctioneer: Richard Lloyd):

Quality calves were in good demand on the day.

It was a day for the Blues with several of the Blue vendors in the top prices.

The top price went to Jones, Wigfair for a 7 week old British Blue bull selling to £380 and his 9 week old British Blue heifer hitting £360.

J Roberts, Tir y Glyn hit £360 with a 3 week old British Blue bull.

E O Morris, Marian Mawr also hit £360 with a 5 week old British Blue bull, while he also achieved £180 for a 5 week old Limousin bull.

A 10 week old Angus cross bull from Jones, Wigfair achieved £225, with the heifers reaching £170.

Hughes, Gwaenynog achieved £350 for his 4 week old Charolais bull, with his other Charolais bulls making £270 and £275.

4 week old British Friesians were achieving up to £45 from G Griffiths, Plas Newydd.


Weanlings were in short supply with plenty of demand.

8 month old Lim bullocks to £760; 8 month old Lim heifers to £620; 6 month old Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £350.

More weanlings are required on a weekly basis with buyers waiting for all types.

Bryncir store sale - March 9

A GOOD show of 100 quality store cattle met a very strong trade, with good competition for all types.

The next sale will be the special spring prize sale on Monday, March 23.

Steers reached £1115 for a Charx from R E Griffith, Llwyn Mafon Uchaf with Heifers to £1135 form D Evans, Hendy.


Steers overall average £910.

Charolais - 20m to £115, 17m to £1065 12m to £1030.

Limousin - 20m to £1105, 16m to £1090, 12m to £995.

AAX - 20m to £1090.

Sal - 12m to £740, 18m to £830.

Heifers overall average £908.

Charolais - 20m to £1135, 15m to £1070, 12m to £890.

Limousin - 20m to £1130, 16m to £1040, 13m to £895.

AAX - 20m to £1065.

Simx - 21m to £920.

Herx - 21m to £730.

Rhayader livestock sale - March 5

Prime hoggets (1132): SQQ 247.98p/kg; Overall 244.64p/kg

Lights (36) average - 250.5p/kg. Sold to 300p/kg from SH Lloyd & Sons, Penllan, Knighton or £90/head from the same vendor. Others to 277p/kg from DJ & MM Jones, Glanrafon Isaf, Tregaron.

Standards (149) average - 254.84p/kg. Sold to 264p/kg from SH Lloyd & Sons, Penllan, Knighton or £96.20 from CJ Thomas, Beili Ddol Farm, Rhayader. Others to 260p/kg from CJ Thomas, Beili Ddol Farm.

Mediums (581) average - 246.36p/kg. Sold to 265p/kg from AJ & JM Abberley, Cerrigcroes, Llanyre or £115.20 from GA Woosencraft, Lower Claes, Llandinam. Others to 260p/kg from C Wozencraft, Bryndraenog.

Heavies (252) average - 244.83p/kg. Sold to 263p/kg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym, Rhayader or £125/head from the same vendor. Others to 256p/kg from EO Griffiths & Co, Tymawr.

Cull Ewes (209):

Ewes average £82.02 and sold to £135/head; Rams average £78.50 and sold to £113/head; Suffolk x ewes to £135 from ER Harris, Pantycaragle, Knighton; Texel x Mule ewes to £129 from AH Jones, Cerrig Y Brain; Welsh ewes to £100 from S & DJ Williams, Cefnllech; Texel rams to £113 from JP Hughes & Sons, Bryndulas.

There was a fantastic trade on ewes!

More ewes are needed each week to satisfy demand.