ANGLERS wishing to purchase day tickets for Llyn Brenig cannot do so in St Asaph.

As of 1pm today (Wednesday, March 18), anglers will not be able to buy day tickets to fish at Llyn Brenig or Llyn Alwen from the Foxon's tackle shop, in St Asaph.

This is because the shop is closing until further notice.

A permit book will be at Siop Y Gwyniad, in Bala, for people to buy their day tickets from tomorrow morning (Thursday).

Anglers can also buy day tickets from the machine at Llyn Brenig, which is located by the fishing lodge.

This machine is for coins only.

There will be a box of sanitiser wipes there for people before they use the machine, and to use after they finish with the machine.

Day tickets are £23.50, with senior tickets at £22.

No season tickets, or day tickets any other way, including over the phone, will be sold until further notice.

All gates at Llyn Brenig are closed and people will need to walk from the gates either by the main entrance or the exit gate.

They are able to go down Brenig Arm and over to the other side (Tower Bay).