NORTH WALES Police's Rural Crime Team have been dealing with a paddle boarder who is refusing to come back to back to shore this afternoon.

The man was spotted by officers at Llyn Aled Lake on Mynydd Hiraethog near Pentrefoelas.

Rural Crime Team officers joked that they hoped he "had plenty of sandwiches out there and a flask".

They continued by saying he could be breaking a number of laws by taking to the lake.

A spokesperson said: "So this fella, in his wisdom, has decided on a day on the lake. Sounds idyllic doesn't it?

"Well firstly let's look at the fact that we have a pandemic at the moment and secondly the use of a motorised paddle board on this fresh water drinking lake is prohibited."

"And thirdly he wont come to the shore to meet us or the water authority officer. Could be a long day but I'm sure we have more fuel than him!

"Maybe wasting police time may come into play as well."

At the time of writing, the officers were still waiting for the man to return to shore.