NORTH Wales is set to experience some of the hottest temperatures as the UK enjoys some scorching weather this week.

After a wet and windy start this week, conditions across the UK will settle down with a hot day for most of us on Friday.

Temperatures of up to 28C across Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire by about 4pm.

A Met Office spokesman said: "Becoming very warm away from coastal areas on Friday with plenty of sunshine, turning hazy at times."

Temperatures are likely to reach up to 33°C in south east England, with locations in the Midlands and northern England reaching 30°C and widespread high 20s Celsius as far north as southern Scotland.

Deputy Chief Forecaster, Brent Walker, said “There is quite a change in the weather coming by the end of the week, with increasing sunshine and a day of hot conditions on Friday. It won’t persist long enough to become a heatwave as a cold front moves in on Saturday, bringing the temperatures back down to around average for the time of year.”

A cold front will move in from the west on Saturday.

Sunday will see further showers moving in from the west, interspersed with warm sunny spells.

To meet the criteria for a heatwave, high temperatures need to persist for three days or more so this short hot spell will not reach the requirements.