RESIDENTS are being warned to stay away from a Denbighshire site currently deemed ‘dangerous’.

Railings removed in places around an area along the new cycle path in Denbigh have left an area, which includes a small tunnel, exposed.

Concerns have been raised after children were spotted playing at the site.

The Natural Resources Wales site, located behind Clwyd Avenue, has now been locked up but residents are still being told to stay away as Denbighshire County Council staff work to make it safe again.

As well as railings being removed from around the tunnel, some other fencing is broken and leaning over, raising concerns from some on social media that the site is 'very unsuitable' for any children and young people around the area.

Cllr Mark Young, who represents the Lower Ward constituency in Denbigh, said: "Works are booked into sort this but parents must ask their children not to enter this area as it’s very dangerous and we don’t want any accidents happening."

"Thanks must go to the team at Denbighshire for making the location temporarily safe again".

Cllr Young added that several young people have been spotted at the site recently despite growing concerns and warnings about the dangers of the site.

He said: "Lots of children are entering still and going into the tunnels that are easily accessible. I’ve asked them to leave the area several times now, which they have, done but I can’t be here all day so it would be good if we can all help each other out here.

"There is quite a lot of repairs needed on the site and so I am not sure how long it will take to make fully safe".

The tunnel is located behind Clwyd Avenue on the new cycle path in Denbigh.

Concerns over the site have been reported to Denbighshire County Council, who are dealing with the matter, and also to local schools who have been informed about the risk.

For the time being, the gates at the area have been locked.