JAIL time has been served to a woman who threatened to "beat" the baby out of a pregnant woman during a robbery.

Kelly Lavelle, of Love Lane in Denbigh, appeared at Mold Crown Court today (October 15) and admitted to robbery.

The court was told by prosecutor Oliver King how Lavelle’s attack was launched on a pregnant passer-by on John Street in Rhyl on September 8.

The victim was said to be on the phone after spending the evening with a friend and walked past Lavelle who ‘looked drunk’ at the time, according to statements taken after the attack which occurred at around 9pm.

Lavelle began shouting at the bystander and asked what her name was. Upon learning her name she shouted "you're f***ing coming with me" and grabbed her by the left wrist.

The court was told the victim began asking what she had done and sat down on the floor to slow down Lavelle and make it more difficult to continue dragging her along.

The victim repeatedly told Lavelle she was pregnant and to go away – but she didn’t stop there

Mr King went on to say that Lavelle then grabbed and walked away with her victim’s handbag – which contained house keys, £20 in cash, a bank card and some cigarettes.

A staff member of The Imperial House pub – where the attack took place – gave a statement to police and explained that he went outside to check on the victim and followed Lavelle to retrieve the bag.

The court heard that she was found minutes away on Market Street emptying the bag of its contents.

She was followed and was heard saying to another man that all she got was “20 quid and a bank card” before dumping the bag and heading off.

Lavelle was arrested days later on September 11 and denied being in the area during police interview – saying that she overdosed on heroin in a pub beer garden and was taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital that night.

Police reviewed the account and learnt that the robbery in fact took place before the overdose occurred. Lavelle was later identified by her victim in a police line-up and admitted to the offence.

Defending, Simon Killeen, told the judge that Lavelle’s drug problem has had a huge impact on her life and on the night in question she “completely lost her fight” against taking drugs which led to her behaviour.

He adds that she had the “good sense” to plead guilty and admit to what she had done.

Sentencing Lavelle to two and a half years in prison, Judge Niclas Parry said her attack was “cruel”.

He said: “You of all people should know what it is like to be vulnerable and alone. What you saw that night was a lone female and for you she was easy prey.

“What you did was callous and cruel. You used the fact she was pregnant to your advantage to terrify her. She was literally begging you to stop.”

“You ignored that and you stole from her anyway.”

He goes on to say that Lavelle’s actions has ‘spoiled’ her victim’s life and the impacts of that night still live on with her today.