A CALL has been made for improved protection for a Conwy village which has been flooded five times in the past 12 years.

Llanfair Talhaiarn, south of Abergele, was last flooded in February this year.

Darren Millar, MS for Clwyd West said: “The village has been impacted frequently by flooding and was last hit in February, causing much heart ache for residents and businesses. At the time I called for planned improvements to flood defences to be brought forward, and am therefore frustrated that eight months on the village is still at risk."

Recently Conwy County Council’s ‘Flood Investigation Report on Llanfairtalhaiarn’ was published, it outlines a number of actions aimed at preventing future flooding.

Mr Millar added: “This report makes grim reading. The fact the village has been flooded five times since 2008 is of grave concern and should prompt immediate action.

“The village was flooded twice in 2012 after which a series of recommendations were made, but not all have been implemented, including improvements which may have helped to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses this year. There is also concern over poor communication and a lack of sufficient warning for residents repeated in this report, given that it they have been a problem previously. The sluggish pace delivering improved levels of flood protection is wholly unacceptable and Natural Resources Wales must now get its act together to progress a scheme in the village.”