DENBIGHSHIRE County Council’s Public Protection officers are currently visiting businesses to ensure they are aware of, and following, Welsh Government coronavirus guidelines.

The majority of premises are fully compliant and operating in a safe manner, but a number of common issues and misconceptions have been identified. According to DCC, these are:

• Only head hair can currently be cut and treated. It is not permitted to trim or shave facial hair including beards and eyebrows.

• It is a legal requirement for businesses to record and keep contact details of clients and visitors.

• Gowns for the customer cannot be reused on different clients.

• When cutting hair, the barber or hairdresser will need to wear both a type II mask and also a face visor or goggles (unless exempt). If exempt from wearing a type II mask, they will need to wear a clear full-face visor.

• All customers must wear a face covering whilst on the premises unless exempt.

Gareth Roberts, from the Council’s Planning and Public Protection team, said: “We would like to thank those businesses who have been following the Welsh Government guidelines since re-opening.

“We are currently visiting businesses and reminding them of the guidance. If members of the public have concerns a business is not following guidelines, you can report this to the Council.”

To report an issue contact 01824 706000 or

Current guidelines for barbers and hairdressers can be found at