MOTORISTS up and down the country can't have failed to notice the rising fuel prices over recent weeks.

A litre of the fuel is now at an eight-year high, costing an average of £1.32 at UK forecourts, Government figures show, having risen for 32 consecutive weeks.

But how much are we paying in Denbighshire?

The average price of petrol in the county is 134.5 - a shade under the national average.

The cheapest place to get petrol in Denbighshire is at Sainsbury's in Rhyl - at 130.9p per litre, with Morrisons in Rhyl the next cheapest at 132.7p.

The most expensive place amongst those listed by price comparison sites is Morrisons in Denbigh - at 137.9p to the litre.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said that the rise in petrol prices means it was “no surprise” that more than one in 10 new cars sold in June were pure electric.

He said: “With the oil price continuing to rise, and pump prices not far behind, it seems more and more people are doing the sums and finding that despite high purchase prices, the running costs of battery-powered vehicles really are too low to ignore.”

Average fuel costs were just £1.05 per litre of petrol and £1.12 per litre of diesel in May 2020, when the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic led to a collapse in the value of oil.