A PETITION has been launched calling on Denbighshire County Council to take urgent action to fix the 'dangerous' B5437 road between Carrog and Corwen.

More than 100 people have signed the petition set up by Jacqueline Williams, who says the road is currently in 'such a poor and dangerous state'.

Jacqueline has also sent a letter to Denbighshire County Council Chief Executive Graham Boase on behalf of residents living near the road.

In it, she states that locals are 'extremely concerned about the state of the much-used B5437 road which has been neglected for decades'.

She adds: "The highlighted stretch of the B5437 is a single-carriage road which has become littered with potholes, is bordered by a highly damaged stone wall, and is suffering from erosion due to heavy use.

"Due to the fact that Carrog Bridge is unsuitable for large vehicles many buses and HGVs use the stretch of road that links Carrog to Corwen. If there is a traffic accident or unexpected obstruction on the A5, or when Green Lane road in Corwen is flooded, traffic is diverted along the B5437 to Carrog/Corwen, where they are able to rejoin the A5.

"On one particular corner, the edge of the road is falling away into the fields below. Additionally, on the other side of the road, the stone wall that marks the boundary...has been pushed out of place by tree roots.

"Therefore, when those travelling west along the road meet oncoming traffic they must risk falling off the edge of the road where there is a significant drop.

"I decided to take some action and created an online petition in order to acknowledge those that the state of the road is greatly impacting their daily lives - either through damage to their vehicles, difficulty navigating bicycles around potholes, or an unwillingness to use the road over fears of 'falling off the edge'."

Jacqueline wants to see resurfacing take place along the entire stretch of the road, the retaining wall constructed to stop erosion of the road and the repair of a stone wall which has been damaged by tree roots.

In response to concern's raised, a spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “Our capital funding for the 2021/22 financial year has been allocated and unfortunately it was not possible to include this section of road in our capital highways programme this year.

“We are aware of its condition and continue to keep it in as safe a condition as possible. If budget allows, we will include this section of road in our capital programme for 2022/23. Through this winter we will be undertaking survey and assessment work so that we will be in a position to undertake this work if the necessary funding is available in the next financial year.”

To sign the petition, visit: www.change.org/p/denbighshire-county-council-urgent-repair-of-b5437-between-carrog-and-corwen?