WREXHAM FC co-owner and Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has shared a hilarious TikTok to celebrate the 53rd birthday of his feud buddy Hugh Jackman

The pair of grown men, best known for playing comic book characters Deadpool and Wolverine, have enjoyed a long-running "feud" on social media.

Ryan and Hugh met while working on X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008.

Since then they have enjoyed taking swipes and digs at each other, with Ryan once hilariously getting his own mother involved to get one up on Australian Hugh.

Now, on TikTok, Ryan has posted a video of himself soundtracked by 'A Million Dreams' by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams from blockbuster musical The Greatest Showman.

A caption reads: "Look I don't tell you how to celebrate Hugh Jackman's birthday. So don't tell me".

He then slowly moves the camera along his legs clad in the bottom half of a Canadian tuxedo before landing on his socks - covered in images of Hugh Jackman's chiseled face.

The clip is captioned: "Socks to be Hugh."

Hugh has since thanked Ryan for his video while wondering where he could get a pair of the socks.

Ryan completed the takeover of Wrexham AFC with Hollywood pal Rob McElhenney in February this year.