The Senedd is to debate the changes to cervical screening intervals from three years to five years as soon as possible after unprecedented public interest.

The announced changes led to the creation of two large petitions; one on the platform that has received over a million signatures, and one on the Senedd petitions website that passed the threshold for debate within two days with 30,000 signatures.

MS Jack Sargeant, the Chair of the Senedd Petitions Committee, approached the leader of the Senedd petition, asking if they would be happy to close the petition to enable a more immediate debate. Petitions with more than 10,000 signatures are brought forward for debate but only after the petition closes, which is usually after a number of months.

Mr Sargeant used his Chair's introduction at a recent committee to suggest that the petition is closed and taken to Business Committee to ask for a debate to be scheduled as soon as possible.

This will likely be the quickest petition to be debated in the history of the Senedd.

Mr Sargeant said: "Upon taking over as Chair last year I made a promise to the people of Wales - their priorities would be my priorities as this is their committee. These petitions have demonstrated a huge thirst for answers, and it is my intention to enable a debate now rather than wait. It is in everyone's interest that this issue is aired.

"It will give Members, the petitioner and Public Health Wales the chance to put their point of view across.

"I was disappointed at the way this was announced on twitter and thank Public Health Wales for their apology. Now is the time to discuss this issue properly and get all the information on the table.

"I understand people's concerns and their desire for answers and that is why I am stepping in to get answers."