A UFO investigator has published a book that he says solves on of Wales most famous mysteries.

Author Russell Kellett has been investigating the famous Berwyn Mountains UFO incident for almost thirty years.

The 1974 incident has been dubbed the Welsh Roswell or Ros-Welsh.

In his new book, the culmination of years' of research into what happened in rural Wales, Russ claims to have discovered "damming evidence of a cover up".

Close to the village of Llandrillo in Denbighshire, there were reports of objects in the sky and an explosion

There are tales of alien bodies being recovered from a crashed UFO, a large military presence, and even of people being abducted.

Not of it has been explained to the satisfaction of Russ. Until now.

New information, he says, in paperwork from the night of the incident on the night of January 23, contains witness reports of UFOs and explosions.

Russ, who has been investigating UFO sightings along the Dee Estuary recently, even says he has seen evidence of UFOs crashing to earth on that night.

So what were the explosions heard by many witnesses in the villages around North Wales?

Was a flying saucer taken to a secret research facility in North Wales. Were the alien occupants taken to a different secret military facility?

Russ has also collected testimonies from people who were in the area at the time.

He said: "Five men travelling home after attending a men’s club came across the landed craft and its occupants. They pulled over in the car to take a look but are quickly moved along by soldiers who suddenly arrived and surrounded the men. The army moved fast; soldiers put the five alien beings into vehicles. The alien craft was put onto a military flat back vehicle by a group of soldiers and taken to a secret military facility."

Alien Invasion Wales: The Berwyn Mountain UFO Cover Up by Russell Kellett is available on Amazon here.