A DENBIGHSHIRE estate is playing its part in securing a more sustainable future.

Wales' plans to embrace low carbon technologies has taken an important step forward, as SP Energy Networks started work on new infrastructure that will support the roll-out of electric vehicle (EV) charging across North Wales.

The owner and operator of the electricity network in North Wales has started work on new electricity connections at the Rhug Estate, near Corwen, required for the installation of new EV charging points.

These will support visitors to the popular organic farm shop as well as the wider area, as more people transition to electric vehicles.

It is one of many locations that will benefit from investment in new low-carbon connections, accelerating the UK’s transition to net zero.

SP Energy Networks’ Green Recovery Investment Project will see £61.7 million invested across the UK to support a green recovery.

The work at the Rhug Estate is being delivered in partnership with the Welsh Government, which will see new capacity for vehicle charging delivered at 25 sites across Wales.

Liam O’Sullivan, SP Manweb licence director for SP Energy Networks, said: “It’s great to see shovels in the ground in our work to enable new vehicle charging points.

"This additional capacity will ensure people can travel and enjoy what Wales has to offer, with access to cleaner transport.

“As well as unlocking low-carbon capacity, we hope the new infrastructure will help to drive footfall and tourism to the Rhug Estate – a valuable local business that is already a champion of high sustainability standards.

“We’re working closely with the Welsh Government to enable electric vehicle charging as we move forward with plans across many other sites.

"This important project will ensure the region is at the very heart of the UK’s transition to a cleaner, greener future, and that this also brings with it economic prosperity for Wales.”

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government added: “We want to ensure all electric vehicle users in Wales can confidently access charging when and where they need to.

"We’re very pleased to see this start to take shape at the Rhug Estate and welcome their foresight in developing rapid charging infrastructure to complement their business.

“By unlocking more capacity for new EV charging points across Wales, SP Energy Networks is a key partner in our journey to achieving these ambitions by 2025.

"We have worked together to secure funding from Ofgem for a series of electrical connections that will help support a pipeline of similar projects across the North Wales region.

“This is an exciting moment and shows how new investment in low-carbon electrical infrastructure can help charge a green economic recovery from Covid-19 in Wales.

"We’re excited to be supporting SP Energy Networks throughout the delivery and completion of these projects, and to accelerate access to greener transport across the country.”