After a weekend of sunshine as the clocks went forward across the UK, Brits have been told to brace for snow from tomorrow.

With the mercury expected to drop of the next few days, forecasters are predicting snow fall across large parts of the UK.

Taking to social media, the Met Office forecast snow to hit the UK tomorrow as temperatures drop overnight. 

A tweet read: "#Snow is forecast tomorrow. Whilst settling snow is less likely at this time of year we are expecting some, mainly over high ground."

The tweet included two graphics to show where to expect snow across the UK. 

Earlier this week, a Met Office forecaster predicted Brits could see “most seasons” within the space of a few days.

Met Office predict UK snow this week as temperatures plummet

Forecaster, Alex Burkill, told The Mirror: "Wednesday will be the most extreme in terms of wintry weather, as a cold stream of air will start to push southwards bringing unpredictable wet and windy conditions, even snow or sleet.

"It will be markedly colder than what we've just seen, daytime temperatures falling by half, and some areas will even struggle to hit 8C (46.4F), which will signify the biggest change in conditions.

"Overnight into Thursday and Friday, many areas will fall considerably lower than freezing, towards minus 4C (24.8F) and minus 5C (23F)

"It looks like most places will be impacted, parts of northern England, northern Wales and central England are expected to be the worst affected.”

He added: "This wintry weather could even push into southern areas of England and Wales, which isn't unusual, it is normal to have colder weather in April, but it's far from the sunny, warm days seen last week."