"NEVER forget that anticipation is an important part of life. Work's important, the family's important, but without excitement, you have nothing."

So said Nicholas Sparks and this year more than most, I think we can all agree that the eager anticipation of the coming show and event season is enough to fill the hardest of hearts with joy and excitement, writes FUW president Glyn Roberts.

We all know the hard work and dedication that goes into rearing and preparing livestock for showing, but we also (just about!) remember the thrill of parading around the ring, head held high amongst our peers.


Denbighshire Free Press: Glyn RobertsGlyn Roberts


Few can deny the joy of being at a show or event where the business at hand goes hand-in-hand with the long-awaited social interaction and the familiar faces that we may only see once a year and the joyful, much-needed opportunities to catch up on news and events.

This is the original social media; where team meetings are held over a steaming mug of tea, stories and opinions are shared and liked, the news is rarely fake, but if it is, who cares and the only posts that are shared are leant on to discuss and dissect the gritty business of feeding the nation.

Starting now, the show and event calendar is well and truly open.

Pwllheli’s Ras ‘Redig on Saturday, April 23 was the starting pistol for a long and varied events programme with the cherished Royal Welsh Agricultural Show the jewel in the schedule’s crown.

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As always, this is bookended by events such as the sheep dog trials at Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire between August 25 and 27, the Glamorgan ploughing competition on September 11 and the Welsh Dairy Show on October 25, culminating with the Royal Welsh Winter Fair in November.

Sometimes we need to go without to truly appreciate what we have; here in Wales we have an incredible array of shows and events to look forward to this year after what has been for the most part, a very difficult period.

But if you’re anything like us here at the Farmers’ Union of Wales, you will be rubbing your hands with glee and getting those forms filled in, tickets booked and making plans to attend as many events and shows as you can and we are looking forward to seeing you all and  continuing the long-standing relationship we have with you, our members.