CYBER criminals claiming to represent Ofgem are targeting householders offering them fake energy rebates so they can access their bank accounts and steal the contents. 

Action Fraud is warning people over the new scam which it received over 750 reports of in just four days.

The organisation said fake emails purporting to be from the energy regulator have been widely circulated and has seen householders warned they must apply for the 'energy bill rebate' before June 1. 

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The scammers claim customers can have the £200 discount on their electricity bills and £250 council tax rebate sent directly to their  bank accounts. 

The criminals have a link embedded into their email where a customer is brought to a portal where they are asked for their bank details. 

Denbighshire Free Press: An Action Fraud graphicAn Action Fraud graphic

The links in the emails lead to websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial details. If you receive one, Action Fraud is urging you to report it to:

The criminals hope to use desperation caused by the cost of living crisis to dupe people into handing over their personal details allowing them to be exploited. 

Consumers have been told that the energy price cap is expected to increase by a further £830 in October brining it to £2,800.