North Wales Police are urging farms to take steps to prevent vehicles and equipment from being stolen after a quadbike was taken from a Denbighshire farm yesterday (Friday, august 5).

The quadbike was fitted with a tracker which then led to it being found in Wrexham by police.

Now, North Wales Police have asked farms via the Community Alerts page to take preventative measures and report suspicious activity.

A spokesperson said: “A quadbike was stolen (yesterday) from a farm in the Denbighshire area, the quad had only been left for a short period of time in the yard. Luckily the quad was fitted with a tracker device and it assisted officers in recovering the vehicle from a small wooded area in the Wrexham area.

“Rural Crime Team officers as requesting that farms follow the below if possible -

“Ensure that all machinery keys are removed from vehicles even for a short period of time.

“Report any suspicious vehicles/ persons that attend farms.

“Equip machinery with tracking devices if at all possible, (yesterday's) incident has proved how en-valuable they are.

“Ensure that all equipment is stored securely and all keys are store elsewhere and securely.

“If possible don't leave expensive machinery on show.

“If anyone has any concerns or wishes to report any suspicious activity then please contact North Wales Police on 101 or via the internet.”