Ruthin primestock sale - February 28

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of prime hoggets to £142 / 327.9ppk and ewes to £150.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Less numbers about and a definite uplift in trade.

A total of 1,963 hoggs forward to an SQQ of 244ppk.

Standard weight lambs (market average weight 35.9kg) saw the best of the trade at 249ppk, closely followed by the mediums at 245ppk.

Some very heavy hoggs in the overweights (av 57kg) and sharper at £125-£130 with lights up 10-15p per kilo on the week.

Top priced:

Lights (31.5kg) £79 by EW & IN & GE Jones, Ysgeibion.

Standards (36kg) £113 by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Mediums (44kg) £142 by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Heavies (52kg) £140 by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Overs (70kg) £137 by J A Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights (29kg) 251.9ppk by Ifor Aled Williams, Pant Manus.

Standards (36kg) 313.9ppk by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Mediums (43kg) 327.9ppk by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Heavies (52kg) 269.2ppk by Owain Lloyd Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Overs (54.5kg) 231.2ppk by O T Roberts, Ty’n Ddol.

Lights to 251.7ppk, av 232.6ppk; Standards to 313.9ppk, av 247ppk; Mediums to 327.9ppk, av 245.1ppk; Heavies to 269.2ppk, av 234.9ppk; Overs to 231.2ppk, av 212ppk.

Average 241ppk; SQQ 244.6ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A brisker trade in all sections of the cull ewes on the day.

Top price of £150 went to B L Jones & Son, Penfforddwen for a Texel ram and J W Olson, 71 Primrose Lane, £150 for a Hampshire ram.

Lleyn to £146; Charollais to £141; Berrichon to £140; Suffolk ewe to £130; Beltex to £116; Mules to £112; Crossbred to £95; Romney ewes to £90; Welsh to £79; Cheviot to £68; Tal y Bont to £64; Halfbred to £58.

Overall average £67.65.

Keep numbers coming to satisfy the strong demand every Tuesday and Friday.

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Ruthin primestock sale - February 24

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 982 prime hoggets to £133 / 250ppk and 320 ewes to £170.

Prime hoggetts (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Just shy of 1,000 hoggets on the day with an SQQ of 221.4ppk.

A tally of 343 lights in the entry at an average weight of 29.7kg averaging 212ppk.

Meanwhile, 291 standards were at 223.6ppk, with the Welsh 215-220ppk and the crossbred nearer 230ppk.

Mediums at 228.1ppk with only 225 in the entry, with the best of these from 240-250pk on the day.

Heavy lambs averaged 220.2ppk.

Top priced:

68kg at £133 by R J Tudor, Plas Newydd.

58kg at £116 by E Ll Roberts, Bryn Tan.

50.5kg at £115 by C L Davies a’i Gwmni, Bodheulog.

Top priced per kilo:

38kg at 250ppk by Dylan Jones, Hafod y Bryn.

42.5kg at 247.ppk by WM Jones & SE Jones, Ty Mawr.

43kg at 246.5ppk by A Jones & Son, Nant Ucha.

Super lights to 208.2ppk, av 203ppk; Lights to 239.1ppk, av 211.9ppk; Standards to 250ppk, av 223.6ppk; Mediums to 247.1ppk, av 228.1ppk; Heavies to 235.4ppk, av 220.3ppk; Overs to 213.3ppk, av 201.2ppk.

Another good entry with the trade on paper very similar to the previous week, but feeling a bit sharper.

To pre enter or discuss the trade, don’t hesitate to contact the auction.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A tally of 320 cull ewes and rams presented on the day.

Better fleshed ewes in demand with leaner types harder to place.

Leading consignment of Texel x ewes shown by P Parrish, Firs Farm averaging £156.66, while topping at £170 twice.

Crossbred to £100; Scotch to £68; Welsh ram to £90; Welsh ewe to £67; Mule to £100; Cheviot to £70; Beulah to £50; Texel to £170; Lleyn to £102; Romney to £118; Beltex to £165; Blue Texel to £104; Tal y Bont to £63; Dorset ram to £124; Suffolk to £124; Speckled to £54.

Overall average £61.12.


Ruthin store & breeding sale - February 23

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of two bulls to 2300gns; 24 OTMs to £2024 / 240ppk; 127 heifers to £1,900; 138 steers to £1,960; 81 Stirks to £1080; 769 store lambs to £102; 443 breeding ewes to £145; 70 ewe & lamb couples to £375; 25 pet lambs to £42 and two dairy cattle to £2,250.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A tally of 367 forward for the last Thursday in February and ending the month on a high.

There were 127 heifers forward with an overall average of £1154.08.

Top price of £1,900 went to A Williams, Frondro selling a 21 month Lim.


23 month Lim £1690; 27 month BB £1540; 24 month Char £1490; 15 month Char £1470; 22 month Sim £1420; 12 month Stabiliser £1130; 22 month Baz £1060; 25 month Her £1140.

Meanwhile, 138 steers were forward with an overall average of £1265.47.

Top price of £1960 went to RO & FF Edwards, Llwyn Tywysog selling a 24 month Charolais.


24 month Lim £1840; 18 month Sim £1780; 20 month Char £1760; 17 month Lim £1710; 28 month BB £1650; 21 month AA £1500; 13 month Sim £1470; 14 month Char £1420; 17 month BB £1365; 18 month Her £1200; 9 month Lim £1250; 20 month Luing £940; 11 month Stabilser £900.

Another excellent sale on what was a mixed show of cattle with types, breeds and ages to suit everyone.

Barren cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Top price went to J I Williamson, Clegir selling a 82 month AA cow weighing 880kg to £2024.00.

Top price per kilo went to Pritchard Bros, Hafan Deg, selling a 41 month Lim weighing 520kg to 240ppk.

45 month Lim-500kg-237ppk; 54 month Saler-605kg-234ppk; 45 month Lim-450kg-234ppk; 82 month AA-880kg-230ppk; 144 month Lim-630kg-226ppk; 58 month Lim-780kg-226ppk; 82 month Saler-560kg-222ppk; 153 month WB-640kg-218ppk; 116 month Simmental-690kg-216ppk; 34 month Lim-360kg-214ppk; 136 month Lim-720kg-212ppk; 42 month British Shorthorn-645kg-212ppk; 64 month Saler-660kg-206ppk; 130 month Lim-550kg-196ppk; 131 month Lim-660kg-192ppk.
Overall average 205.7ppk / £1250.73. 

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Calves were even dearer on the week, with all types a buoyant trade.

More calves are wanted!

Top price went to J Hughes, Ynysgain Fawr selling a Lim bull calf to £465.


Lim heifer calf to £370; BB male calf to £460; BB heifer calf to £310; AA male calf to £200; British shorthorn heifer calf to £160; Simmental bull calf to £200; Holstein Friesian male calf to £60.

More are required next week.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A very pleasing entry once again with the trade encouraging farmers to sell.

The majority comprised of dairy bred cattle in comparison to previous weeks which sold to a firm trade.

Top price went to RD & A Lambie, Ystrad Bach selling an 11 month old Char bullock to £1080, with another close behind at £1050.


14 month Hereford bullock £900; 9 month Lim heifer £900.

Dairy bred:

4 month Hereford bullock £700; 9 month Stabiliser bullock £770; 8 month AA bullock £770; 9 month Char bulls £770; 10 month Lim heifers £750; 9 month Beef Shorthorn bulls £795.

Dairy cattle (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

More dairy cattle are required to meet the strong demand.

As with the previous sale, freshly calved from Jones, Bryn Rhydd sold to: Holstein Friesian 2nd calver £2,250; Holstein Friesian 1st calver £2,000.

Breeding bulls (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

First breeding bulls of the year met a satisfying trade with two 20 month Aberdeen Angus bulls selling to 2300gns and 2150gns.

If you have any bulls to sell, give the auction a call.

The next dairy sale is on March 30.

Store lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 769 store lambs forward on the day with a brisk trade throughout.

Some quality lambs on offer with buyers for all types.

Here are a few of the leading prices:

Texel x clean lambs to £102; Texel x ewe lambs to £97; Texel ram lambs to £94; Suffolk x ewe lambs to £90; Welsh ram lambs to £72.

Overall average £72.88.

Ewe & lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):


Mules to £260; Welsh to £130; Texel to £375; Crossbred to £275; Dorset to £195.

Overall average £210.38 / £70.13 a life.


Texel to £230; Crossbred to £205; Charollais to £190; Beltex to £200; Cheviot to £170; Aberfield to £200; Dorset to £148; Zwarble to £168.

Overall average £170.45 / £85.22 a life. 

Twins & singles overall average £185.29.

In-lamb ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Predominantly upland ewes were forward on the day. 

Mule 2t to £145; Mule 4t to £122; Suffolk x yearlings to £130; Texel 2t to £140; Texel yearling to £135.

Overall average £86.79.