A 19-YEAR-old farmer is bringing the benefits of British-grown flowers to the fore in her community as she turns her seedling of a business idea into a blossoming success.

Farmer-turned-florist, Ellen Firth, launched Firth Flock Flowers at the start of 2023 with the support of Big Ideas Wales, having spent two years gifting her sustainable home-grown flowers to friends, family and her local community.

Ellen, who is from a farm in Ruthin, just near the foot of the Clwydian Hills, is expanding her business after securing land which is set to blossom into a flower garden in May 2023.

Denbighshire Free Press: Firth Flock Flowers uses 100 per cent home-grown, sustainable flowers.Firth Flock Flowers uses 100 per cent home-grown, sustainable flowers. (Image: Submitted)

Ellen hopes the garden of chemical free, ethically grown flowers, can educate her community on the benefits of British grown flowers that account for 10 per cent of the flower industry here in the UK.

In the months following the grand opening of Firth Flock Flower Farm, Ellen, who was diagnosed with autism in 2017, aspires to support other young people with the disorder and special needs by hosting immersive flower arranging and harvesting workshops which will enable them to experience the therapeutic benefits of flowers first-hand.

Ellen began farming when she was just seven years old, spending evenings and weekends lending a hand on local farms. In 2019, Ellen and her family moved to Denbighshire to the small eight-acre farm. It was here that Ellen began planting and nurturing flowers.

Ellen said: “I have always loved nurturing animals, so when I moved and began growing flowers too, it felt very natural to me. Watching something grow - whether that’s an animal or flower - fills you with this overwhelming sense of achievement.

“It also helped me to grow as a person living with autism. I was diagnosed aged 13 after two years of assessments and tests, it left me with a lot of lasting trauma. I’m incredibly lucky that I found my therapy in gardening. That’s why I’m so keen to share it with others who are living with autism or suffering with their mental health.”

Ellen works with hospitals and universities to raise awareness about autism. Having been diagnosed later in childhood, Ellen believes her insight and experience can help young people receive a diagnosis earlier and access the support they need.

Ellen said: “I’m incredibly proud to be able to educate people as an autistic entrepreneur, that’s why I want to go one step further and share my knowledge on the British flower industry. For example, many people don’t know that while imported flowers have a carbon footprint significantly higher than British-grown flowers, they are also often dyed to maintain a highly pigmented colour and lifespan. Flowers grown here in Britain aren’t put under the strain of dyeing or importing, which means they last significantly longer and are much fresher and more fragrant."


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Ellen has created a budding circular environment where animals work in unison with the flora. Ellen’s native Black Welsh Mountain sheep provide natural fertiliser for her flowers, while her flock of Welsh Harlequin ducks, a rare, protected breed, act as natural pest control. All play a part in making Firth Flock Flowers the sustainable, 100 per cent eco-friendly floral business it is today.

All flowers ethically grown at Firth Flock Flowers will be used for Ellen’s commissioned arrangements for weddings and arrangements to local businesses. Ellen’s arrangements vary from £6 for small jar bouquets to £40 for larger, wilder arrangements, with prices for larger events agreed upon commission.


To launch her business, Ellen sought the support of Big Ideas Wales, part of Business Wales and funded by the Welsh Government to support entrepreneurship in Wales. The Big Ideas Wales service is aimed at anyone between the age of five and 25 who wants to develop a business idea, including students and graduates, as part of The Welsh Government’s commitment to the Young Person’s Guarantee.

After reaching out for support, Ellen was put into contact with business advisor Niamh Ferron who has assisted Ellen with building a business plan and registering as a business.

Ellen said: “While I had two years’ worth of experience in growing and producing flowers, I had no idea how to run a business. I had so many questions, I didn’t know where to begin. My weekly, virtual meetings with Niamh were vital in helping me turn Firth Flock Flowers from a therapeutic hobby into a real business.”

Ellen also applied for the Young Person’s Start-Up Grant and has since used it to invest in her website host subscription and eco-friendly, compostable business cards and packaging. 

Niamh said: “Ellen is incredibly inspiring and is a wonderful example of how embracing the support of Big Ideas Wales can help you level up in your business. Ellen has made the most of every piece of support, from our weekly meetings to the service’s endless webinars and the Young Person’s Start-Up Grant.

"I look forward to watching Ellen flourish as a young entrepreneur.”