A CONWY farmer is once again planning to transport much-needed supplies to the people of Ukraine - and he's made an appeal for North Wales residents to offer their support.

Llyr Jones, from Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, last year took an aid convoy with desperately-needed supplies on a 3,000-mile round trip to war-torn Ukraine.

While he says he's looking at a more "low key" approach, Mr Jones is preparing to take supplies out to Ukraine once again, with the trip currently pencilled in for May.

"It's a little bit more low key this time," said Mr Jones.

"Last year, we were getting first aid and things we could take out there.

"This time, it's more things like generators, but more low key."

It will be a longer journey on this occasion.

"We dropped them off on the border last year," added Mr Jones, who could see into Ukraine on that occasion.

"I would have no issue going into Ukraine.

"We are going to go into the city of Lviv in Ukraine and drop them off there.

"They need equipment to survive more, now, and to fight, basically.

"They want generators so they can charge their phones and pick-ups to help on the front lines."

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Mr Jones has made an appeal on social media for a number of older vehicles.

In a post, Mr Jones said: "I’m looking for old farm quad bikes, 4x4, generators & drones that are mechanically sound that can be donated to the Ukrainian people to help with the war effort."

Among the items people can help out with are first aid kits, tarpaulin, ratchet straps, winter clothing, spare 4x4 tyres, dry dog food, spades, gerrycans, fan belts, old phones with chargers and cable ties.

"I think it was a year had gone past and I caught myself on eBay looking for cheap 4x4s!" he added.

"I thought I'm looking at 4x4s and I thought I should do it again.

"We will be leaving on the Thursday and be back by the Sunday, so it's just like a long weekend and helping people.

"We are going to leave in May and we're not 100 per cent sure when yet."

Last year, Mr Jones was at the head of the three-vehicle mercy mission and the team drove to the border between Poland and Ukraine.

The 1,500-mile drive took the team down to Dover for the crossing to France and then through Belgium, Germany and Poland before crossing into Ukraine with an Ifor Williams trailer and vehicles packed with over £20,000 of vital provisions bought in Europe.

Last year, Mr Jones said: “We had to adapt our plans as we went along so when a van broke down on the M25 we decided to hire a vehicle in Dunkirk in France.

“We were worried about being held up at the UK border at Dover but luckily we arrived there after an agreement by the UK Government that aid could be let through with minimal checks.

“In the end we didn’t have to go into Ukraine but were able to leave the Land Rover and trailer at the border for collection and it will be over there now.

“People have been so helpful and generous all the way through from the people who helped us here in North Wales, at the big Carrefour supermarket in Dunkirk where they donated lots of unsold stock, plastic cups, plates, saucepans and tableware.

“People have been so helpful. We’ve had French guys helping us load up and along the way people from Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada lent a hand.

“In the end all we’ve done is drive the vehicles, drink lots of coffee and eat Haribo – the people who deserve the real praise are the ones who donated and organized things for us.. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

People who can help out can get in touch with Mr Jones on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/llyr.derwydd or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LlyrDerwydd