Ruthin primestock sale - April 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 651 prime hoggets to £143 / 323.8ppk and 284 ewes to £130.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A few more empty pens here than usual as the trade slips towards the end of the week.

A temporary glitch we all hope.

There were a total of 651 hoggets on the day at 266.7ppk.

Medium meaty lambs not seeing a big drop in price, but lighter weight lambs certainly harder to place.

Top priced:

Lights (32kg) £80 by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre.

Standards (39kg) £110 by D A Blackwell, Mount Villa.

Mediums (45kg) £143 by J H Williams, Myfoniog.

Heavies (47kg) £142 by J H Williams, Myfoniog.

Overs (55kg) £135 by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre.

Top priced:

Lights (28.5kg) 266.7ppk by EW & SE Williams, Hendre Fawr.

Standards (39kg) 282.1ppk by J P Williams, Bron Eyarth.

Mediums (42kg) 323.8ppk by J H Williams, Myfoniog.

Heavies (46kg) 304.4ppk by J H Williams, Myfoniog.

Overs (55kg) 245.5ppk by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre.

Lights to 266.7ppk, av 240.7ppk; Standards to 282.1ppk, av 250.1ppk; Mediums to 323.8ppk, av 286.3ppk; Heavies to 304.4ppk, av 275.5ppk; Overs to 245.5ppk, av 236ppk.

To pre enter or discuss the trade, don’t hesitate to contact the auction.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top price went to Sion Jones, Cefn Eithin, for Texel ewes at £130.

Lleyn rams to £84; Lleyn ewes to £76; Welsh ewes to £82; Romney ewes to £93; Mule ewes to £120; Crossbred ewes to £82; Charollais ewes to £100; Cheviot rams to £128; Cheviot ewes to £70; Halfbred ewes to £82.

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Ruthin store & breeding sale - April 20

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 21 OTMs to £2,439.30 / 282ppk; one breeding bull to 2,730gns; 94 heifers to £1,500; 135 steers to £1,730; 123 stirks to £1,160; 75 calves to £410; 454 store lambs to £163; 200 ewe & lamb couples to £250 and 44 pet lambs to £32.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

An excellent show again during the week with a trade to match.

A total of 373 store cattle forward, comprising of 123 weanlings, 94 heifers, 135 steers and 21 barrens.

Heifers to an overall average of £1147.21.

Top price of £1,500 went to JM & GM Graham, Groesfaen selling a 24 month Charolais to £1,500.


21 month Charolais £1490; 11 month Lim £1460; 34 month Charolais £1440; 19 month Lim £1420; 23 month Blonde Aquatine £1400; 24 month British Blue £1400; 15 month Lim £1390; 10 month Lim £1370; 24 month Hereford £1270; 10 month Aberdeen Angus £740; 11 month Charolais £1250.

Steers sold to an overall average of £1171.15

Top price of £1730.00 went to D S Parry Jones, Pentre with a 22 month British Blue.


21 month British Blue £1680; 23 month Lim £1580; 19 month Simmental £1490; 14 month Lim £1470; 11 month Charolais £1390; 19 month British Blue £1385; 12 month Charolais £1385; 11 month Charolais £1390; 14 month Saler £1285; 23 month Aberdeen Angus £1260; 15 month Holstein Friesian £1050; 11 month Hereford £990.

A very good show of cattle with a younger selection on offer on the whole and some good grazing stores on offer.

Barren cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Top price went to H ap T Price, Cefn Naw Clawdd selling a 46 month Lim cow - weighing 865kg - to £2439.30.

The same vendor also achieved a top price per kilo of 282ppk.

74 month Lim- 755kg-268ppk; 30 month Her-570kg-260ppk; 107 month Lim-660kg-252ppk; 161 month Lim-700kg-242ppk; 160 month 670kg-240ppk; 162 month Lim-720kg-240ppk; 155 month Lim-710kg-238ppk; 35 month Lim-400kg-236ppk; 134 month Lim-610kg-236ppk; 97 month Lim-720kg-232ppk; 101 month Char-610kg-232ppk; 49 month Lim-490kg-230ppk; 32 month British Blue-410kg-220ppk; 51 month Hereford-460kg-218ppk.

Overall average 230.7ppk / £1389.33.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Calf trade was on fire!

Buyers leaving in empty trailers. More calves are required!

Top price went to I C Edwards, Oaks Farm, selling a British Blue bull calf to £410.


Aberdeen Angus bulls £365; Aberdeen Angus heifers £365; Stabiliser heifer £270; Stabiliser bull £200; Lim bull £305; Hereford bulls £240; Hereford heifers £235; Holstein Friesian bull £128. 

The next breeding sale will be on May 4.

Entries are invited for breeding bulls, cows & calves, bulling heifers and in-calvers.

Breeding bulls (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A 6 year old pedigree Lim bull from R & M Roberts, Pan Llin sold to 2730gns.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A real mixed show with a great trade on everything.

Buyers for all sorts and people are advised to keep the numbers coming.

Top price went to Jones Bros, Lilac Cottage selling an 11 month old bullock to £1,160.


9 month Lim bullocks £1135; 11 month Charolais bullocks £1050; 10 month Lim heifer £1000.

Dairy bred:
6 month British Blue heifers £720; 5 month British Blue bulls £615; 5 month Lim bulls £655; 5 month Aberdeen Angus bulls £525; 4 month Lim heifers £425; 10 month old Holstein Friesian bullocks £540.

Store lambs (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A bigger entry than expected with 454 forward.

Still a good trade on the strongest lambs with most pens well over a £100.

Top price of £164 went to Lloyd Rosser, Llandyrnog for Texel ram lambs.

Mule ewe lambs to £109; Welsh ram lambs to £86; Suffolk ewe lambs to £80; Beulah ewe lambs to £81; Cheviot ram lambs to £126; Cheviot ewe lambs to £100.

Overall average £69.24.

Ewe & lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A good show of couples again during the week, with younger ewes attracting more attention with buyers seeking replacement ewes.

Top price went to R Roberts, Hafod for Texel twins at £250.

Aberfield full mouth dingles to £145; Aberfield full mouth twins to £220; Texel x hoggets singles to £185; Beltex 2 year old ewes with singles to £190; Texel full mouth ewes with singles to £185; Texel twins to £250; Suffolk 2 tooth twins to £260; Welsh single (4 & 5yo) to £88; Mule yearlings with singles to £200; Mule yearlings with twins to £250.

Twins: Overall average £195.13 / £65.04 a life.

Singles: Overall average £132.29 / £66.14 a life.

Pet lambs (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Pet lambs ranged from £3 to £32.