Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club member Brenda is back in Wales - and somewhat jetlagged - but she is thrilled to have won a major world tournament once more.

For the third time, Brenda has won the women's singles golfing competition at the World Transplant Games.

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This year's event took place in Perth, Australia and the win added to Brenda's previous gold medals in Argentina and Malaga.

"Perth in April was lovely," said Brenda on her return.

"The weather was spot-on. It was a very pleasant, beautiful city."

In a close competition, the three leading players all finished on the same score.

However. Brenda's better finish saw her come out on top, just ahead of her rivals from South Africa and Germany.

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"I don't think it's sunk in, to be honest," she added.

"To me, it was an achievement going there.

"Going there and doing it was the main thing.

"It's a long way to go for a game of golf!"

For Brenda, the Games are all about being an ambassador for organ transplantation.

She said: "We are ambassadors for organ transplantation.

"We go to the Games to prove organ transplantation works.

"We are proving to everybody and the world that organ transplantation works."

Back in September 2012, Brenda underwent a liver transplant at St James' Teaching Hospital in Leeds, saying it saved her life in more ways than one.

"I was fit, working full time and playing golf when my routine blood test results came back showing that there was a problem," she said.

"Following further tests it showed that my liver was now deteriorating rapidly and only a transplant could save me.

"I'd just celebrated my 60th birthday and, as soon as I hit that milestone, I went downhill fast.

"I was hospitalised in St James’ Teaching Hospital in Leeds and was told I wouldn't be leaving without a transplant."

A two-day assessment in Leeds in May 2012 resulted in the diagnosis of primary billiary cirrosis.

She was placed on the transplant list in July and underwent her transplant two months later.

Reflecting on her time out in Perth, Brenda said: "I met old friends and I made a lot of new friends.

"You talk to them and find out what transplants they have had."

Although she represents Team GB at the Games, Brenda does have one additional item she does like to show off.

"I was naughty! I always take my Welsh flag with me," she admitted.

The opening and closing ceremonies were held at Perth's impressive Optus Stadium.

"We all mustered on the other side of the bridge and marched across the bridge in teams. That was emotional.

"You can see me with my Welsh flag!

"There's a Scottish lad in the team who takes his flag as well.

"We always say we are the rebels!"

Brenda, who was the oldest lady in Team GB, is tentatively looking towards the next World Transplant Games, which will be held in Dresden in 2025.

"We will see how it goes," said Brenda.

"It's two years' time and we don't know how we will be. But you have got to have something to aim for."

Brenda would like to thank everyone for their support.