A FREE, confidential tax clinic will be held in Ruthin next week.

The clinic will take place on 5-7pm at Hill & Roberts chartered accountants’ base on Tan y Castell on Thursday, May 25.

People can attend the clinic by appointment only, while a Welsh service will also be available.

It is intended for individuals who cannot access professional advice to assist with problems such as:

•            Registering for self-assessment.

•            Advice on completion of self-assessment tax return.

•            Advice on late filing penalties for self assessment returns.

•            Explaining and reviewing PAYE tax codes.

•            Reviewing HMRC tax calculations.

•            Advising on how to cancel tax returns that have been issued if there is no requirement to complete one.

•            Advice on deductible expenses.

A Hill & Roberts spokesperson said: “To book an appointment, please message 07584 212022 with a brief description of the issue.

“You will then be allocated a time slot.

“If in doubt, please get in touch to see if we can help.”