A DOG was brought back to the surface after it was found more than 20 metres down a mine shaft underground in Denbighshire.

Yesterday morning (June 18), North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation (NWCRO) received a call that a person had possibly fallen down a mine shaft near Llanferres.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service initially attended, and on investigation, it was found that a dog had fallen down the mine shaft, and that its owner was safe and uninjured.

Denbighshire Free Press: The dog re-appears on the surface after the rescue mission!The dog re-appears on the surface after the rescue mission! (Image: North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation / Facebook)


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Members from NWCRO and North East Wales Search and Rescue attended, and rigged the shaft for safe descent. 

The dog was then brought to the surface and reunited safely with its owners. 

NWCRO added: “She appeared to be unscathed by her tumble of more than 20m and was eager to get back to her owners and doggy treats.”