THESE photos from our archives give a look back at a vibrant and bustling High Street that served as the heart and soul of the community.

The year was 1986, and as the season of spring arrived, the Bala's unique charm that was captured in a series of photographs.

Some of the businesses and buildings remain to this day, but some have disappeared.

One photograph reveals the iconic Ship, a historic establishment that had stood proudly for generations and remains to this day. A place where locals and visitors alike have gathered within its walls to share tales, laughter, and a pint or two.

Nearby, stood R E Evans electrical shop, a haven for all things technological. With its neatly arranged window display showcasing the latest gadgets and appliances, it enticed passersby to step inside and explore the world of then modern conveniences.

Just a few steps away, H T Jones shop stood as a quaint emporium of treasures. Its colourful window display featured an array of merchandise, including whimsical trinkets that added a touch of magic to everyday life.

Further along the High Street, The Principality Building Society stood as a symbol of financial security and community support. Inside, people gathered to discuss their dreams of owning a home, planning for the future, and securing their aspirations with the assistance of the dedicated staff.

Dodds Estate Agents, just a stone's throw away, offered a different kind of service. Specialising in helping the townsfolk find their dream homes, they held the key to countless new beginnings.

Them there's the post office, a central hub of activity, buzzing with life and energy. The townsfolk flocked there to send letters to loved ones, collect parcels, and exchange stories and gossip. It was a place where the rhythm of everyday life played out, connecting Bala to the wider world.

The Plas Coch Hotel stood proudly, its charming facade inviting travellers to rest their weary feet and experience the warm hospitality of Bala. Having changed little, from the outside at least, it remains a haven for those seeking respite from their travels and a home away from home.

The Midland Bank, a one time stalwart of UK High Streets, served as a pillar of financial stability.

Thomas Motor Mart, located nearby, showcased an array of gleaming vehicles, capturing the dreams of those who aspired to hit the open road, providing a means to explore the world beyond Bala's borders.

Catherine's ladies boutique was a treasure trove of fashion and elegance. Its chic window displays caught the eye of passersby, beckoning them to step inside and discover the latest trends.

Finally, there is Bala Video Centre with posters for the popular movies of the day, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and Desperately Seeking Susan, in the window.