MSs have said they are “disappointed” that the Halifax branch in Denbigh is set to close on December 4.

Llyr Gruffydd MS, who represents North Wales, has spoken out following the news that residents of the Denbighshire town will be left without a single high street bank.

He has urged the UK banking giant to “rethink” the decision, Denbigh having already lost its NatWest and Barclays branches.

HSBC announced in 2022 that it was planning to shut down its branch in the town on August 8, as part of a cull of 114 branches UK wide.

The news of the latest closure will mean that the nearest branches for Halifax customers are in Mold and Rhyl.

“I am disappointed by the decision by Halifax to close its branch on Denbigh High Street,” Mr Gruffydd said.

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“This is an enormous blow the local community, and to the businesses and the residents of the town and the surrounding area who rely on the high street branch to access vital banking services.

“I would urge Halifax to rethink this shortsighted decision which will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the people of the area. It will leave the town without a single high street bank.

“Denbigh has already seen its NatWest and Barclays branches close their doors, and HSBC has already announced that it is planning to close its branch in the town too.

“Sadly we’re seeing more and more communities across Wales becoming financial deserts, where accessing financial services is fast becoming something of a luxury, and Denbigh is a prime example of that.

“Banks like to blame these closures on declining footfall, but what they don’t tell you is that they’ve also vastly reduced their opening times.

“This latest closure in Denbigh will be a cause of real concern for customers, especially those who are unable to do their banking online.

“Whatever the bank says, this move will almost certainly lead to those who struggle with accessing digital services being left behind.

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“It’s no wonder that there is a widespread feeling of disillusionment across Wales with the banks as they abandon our communities and abdicate their responsibility to them.”

MS for Vale of Clwyd, Gareth Davies, said: “I’m disappointed to hear the news of Halifax leaving in Denbigh in December after many decades being a presence in the town.

“I feel this is another blow to Denbigh and peoples access to cash in rural areas where some people struggle getting to Mold or Rhyl to do their banking.

“It’s vital that the remaining Building Society and Post Office in Denbigh continue providing banking facilities and access to cash for local people in the long term, so there is a reliable service for the future.

“I’ve recently had some positive meetings with the Post Office both in the Senedd and in the constituency about maximising people’s access to cash and face to face banking facilities and look forward to meeting with the Principality Building Society in the coming weeks to discuss their future banking provisions in light of recent closures in Denbigh.”