ST BRIGID’S School in Denbigh is once again celebrating excellent GCSE results, with the majority of pupils choosing to continue their education in the school’s Sixth Form.

The school achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, with one-third of pupils attaining five or more A* and A grades.


GCSE results 2023: Conwy, Denbighshire, Anglesey, Gwynedd

Leah Crimes, headteacher, said: “I'm so proud of Year 11, who have worked so hard and shown resilience and fortitude following the impact of the pandemic.

“I am very grateful to the staff, parents and carers who have supported our pupils to GCSE success.

“Congratulations to Year 11, who have achieved marvellous results and deserve to celebrate their successes”.

Some of the stand-out results achieved by pupils at St Brigid’s were:

  • Poppy Roberts with 9 A* and 4 A grades
  • Nicholas Chantery with 9 A*, 1 A grade and 2 B grades
  • Holly Bunn with 5 A* and 6 A grades and 1 B grade
  • James Beckett with 9 A* and 2 A grades
  • Maci Jones with 7 A* and 5 A grades
  • Martha Pender with 8 A*, 4 A grades and 2 B grades
  • Faye Wood with 8 A*, 2 A grades and 2 B grades
  • Alex Millington with 4 A*, 6 A grades and 3 B grades
  • Megan Twist with 2 A*, 6 A grades and 3 B grades
  • Bianca Ambata with 4 A*, 6 A grades and 4 B grades
  • Siobhan Levins with 4 A*, 4 A grades and 4 B grades