THE imminent change in speed limits in Wales has sparked a discussion among readers after a photos showing roads with both 20mph and 30mph speed limit signs were shared.

Camera Club member Paul James shared the photo he took in Trefnant, with the comment "Only in Wales!"

Denbighshire Free Press: Camera Club member Paul James shared this photo, saying Only in Wales (Trefnant).Camera Club member Paul James shared this photo, saying Only in Wales (Trefnant). (Image: Paul James.)

In reply, Louise Rooney shared a near identical photo of a road on Anglesey.

And another reader said they had seen similar signs in Aberwheeler.

Wales is set to become one of the first countries in the world, and the first nation in the UK, to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government passed a law in July 2022 that will see a default 20mph speed limit placed on restricted roads across Wales.

Restricted roads, which are typically located in residential and built-up areas and have street lights placed no more than 200 yards apart, will be affected by this change.

However, only a handful of 30mph roads in Conwy, Denbighshire, Gwynedd, and Anglesey will be exempt from becoming 20mph limits.

But the conflicting speed limit signs has left drivers scratching their heads and led to speculation about the reasoning behind this odd occurrence.

Some jokingly suggest that the mixed speed limits may be a deliberate attempt to cater to both car drivers and cyclists.

The 20 mph limit could be for cars, while the 30mph limit is intended for cyclists.

Others have suggested that the presence of these contradictory signs may be a signal for overtaking.

Matty Jones said: "It’s simple it’s 20 but if your pissed of being stuck behind someone doing 20 you can overtake them doing 30 on the other side of the road then when you pass them slow down back to 20

According to this theory, drivers are expected to adhere to the 20 mph limit unless they are overtaking another vehicle, in which case they can accelerate to 30 mph."

Denbighshire Free Press: Road signs on Anglesey photographed by Louise Rooney.Road signs on Anglesey photographed by Louise Rooney. (Image: Louise Rooney)

Other theories are equally as humourous.

Frank Hill said: "Everyone take note - 20 plus 30 = 50 so that means you can do 60."

Sue Roberts: "Have seen this you hop to the other side so can go just a little bit faster."

Michael Roberts said: "There’s a tennis game on."

Roger Wilson said: "It’s a case of the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing!"

Lynnette Andrews said: "Well 25mph it is then lol."

Mark Smith said: "One in English... the other is in Welsh...30... means Welsh..."

Anthony Rees New said: "Threnty miles an hour guys."

David Francis said: "Clearly unfair. Why do drivers from the States and many European countries get a 10mph bonus!"

Clearly, these interpretations are meant in jest, but it adds a touch of humor to the situation that has been described by some politicians as "comepletely bonkers".

Meanwhile, some drivers in Wales have tied red ribbons to the front of their vehicles in protest.

Tony Humphreys said: "Slo-mo Wales. A real backwater now."

Thomas Hughes said: "Well it just about sums up Drakeford’s barmy new speed limit law."

Olwen Ward said: "Bloody crackers, is there no hope of sanity and common sense being reinstated?"

Will Angus said: "There will be more road rage incidents than ever. The OAPs will stick rigidly to the 20mph and annoy the traffic behind."

Oil Man said: "It's impossible to drive some trucks at 2 mph this is just a money making scam, if the is a school then yes but not on a normal 30mph street,this country has gone down hill so fast in the last few years."

Philip Micheu said: "Total nonsense....I wonder how many numpties will actually stick to such a ludicrous limit. Plus there are not enough police or speed cameras to enforce it."

However, some readers thought they had solved the puzzle.

Helen Hughes said: "The new signs have probably been put up and a temporary cover of 30 until the 20 comes into effect and a little darling has come along and pulled the 30 off one side of the road to confuse drivers."

Gavin Harris agreed: "Maybe they installed the new 20 signs (which temporarily have a 3 over the 2) but someone has peeled the 3 off in advance of the changes on the 17th."

As locals and visitors continue to pass these peculiar road and the contradicting speed limits, it remains to be seen when the signage will be corrected ahead of September 17.

Until then, drivers are advised to exercise caution and adhere to the appropriate speed limits in order to preserve their own safety and that of others on the road.