THE Denbigh Infirmary League of Friends have recently reopened the side entrance to the hospital after spending hundreds of thousands on improving the service.

Lord Barry Jones officially opened the side entrance to the Infirmary after works that took more than 12 months to complete.

The side entrance has been greatly enhanced thanks to the League of Friends, along with better signage around the entrance.

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Gwynn Parry, Trustee for the Denbigh Infirmary League of Friends, said: “The Trustees are delighted to say that the improved side entrance to the Infirmary is now fully operational.

“Due to contractual delays, the works were only recently completed and the League wish to convey their apologies to the patients, staff and visitors for this delay.”

Alongside the side entrance, the League of Friends have also put funding towards other areas of the Infirmary including a newly refurbished reception and clinic area, to which they contributed £18,000.

The League of Friends tea bar was also reopened by Lord Barry Jones and will be open to staff, patients and families to offer refreshments whilst visiting the infirmary.

The team have also supported the Infirmary by purchasing an Accuvein, bariatric chair, plaster couch, DVDs for patients on Famau Ward, and a phlebotomy chair.

It amounts to more than £10,000 to improve patient care and experience at the service.

Improvements like these would not be possible without the support of the local community and legacies.

The League of Friends have recently raised £3,130.56 from an auction of Kyffin Williams artwork, which will go towards improvements to the garden area so patients are able to spend time outdoors in the summer months.